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Your ultimate guide to productivity and time management
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Compared to small firms and medium-sized businesses, large enterprises tend to have much more sophisticated needs. They work with a higher number of employees and operate their facilities across multiple locations. They run numerous projects and activities at once. And since big business means big responsibility, the consequences of compromised data security and non-compliance with government regulations are usually more severe for large organizations than for their smaller counterparts.

Based on this, enterprise needs include:

And of course, just like every other…

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When the COVID-19 outbreak hit in early 2020, most people wouldn’t have predicted what followed: a year of intermittent lockdowns, social distancing becoming an enduring concern, and companies of many shapes and sizes finding ways to work remotely. The result of these things was the general dissolution of well-established daily habits.

Particularly in light of the suffering caused by the pandemic, many chose to look for the positives in the situation, and settled on the fundamental reworking of the average day. …

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Toggl is cloud time tracking software tailored for freelancers, consultants, and small teams. It offers simple time tracking capabilities, including one-click timers and manual time entries. This data can be used to build and export reports, compare actual progress with estimations, calculate costs based on billable rates. Toggl is available across four pricing tiers: Basic, Pro, Pro Plus, and Business. Toggl Basic offers limited functionality that is free for up to 5 users. Its paid plans start at $9 per user per month.

Unlike other time tracking software, Toggl lacks project management and other essential features for middle-sized and large…

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Churches and businesses have a lot in common: they look to expand their influence, attract new audiences and uphold the existing order. While people are spending more and more time online, churches and religious organizations have been slow in establishing their online presence and adopting the technology. According to Tyndale University, 46% of church leaders discourage the use of technology at their church.

At the same time, there’s a slow but positive trend toward the use of the Internet in churches because the global pandemic has boosted the demand for online presence. As more and more religious organizations have Internet…

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As a formal process of asking for time off, a leave request application is a regular part of every employee’s work life. We are all used to this process in some way or another and consider it pretty straightforward. However, more often than not, leave request management is not so simple as it seems and can be quite burdensome for both individual workers and their supervisors.

There are three main reasons why the leave of absence request process may turn into a challenge:

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Time tracking is as vital for large companies as it is for small ones — keeping a record of working hours, any business can improve project management outcomes, boost performance efficiency and make payroll and invoicing more accurate and streamlined.

However, time tracking software should possess several important qualities to be able to meet enterprise needs. It must be scalable and afford an unlimited number of users / projects. It should be customizable and accessible from any place and any device. Lastly, it should support an easy exchange of information across the entire organization. …

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As part of organizational resource management, time tracking plays a vital role in any business’s efficiency strategies. Manufacturing companies are not an exception — regardless of whether you prefer agile manufacturing or a more traditional approach to production, you always need effective tools to collect data on productivity, efficiency and expenses.

While specialized manufacturing software helps to oversee machinery performance, order processing and similar things, time tracking software enables you to keep an eye on employee progress, team efficiency and labor costs. Thereby, high-quality time trackers produce many immense benefits for manufacturing businesses. …

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Employee turnover is something that every business experiences. In the US, millions of workers leave their jobs every month, which makes employee turnover a normal occurrence. The problem is, turnover can be very costly for your business. Not only does finding and training a replacement require time and money, but your business will suffer every day a position remains empty in the form of lost productivity, project delays, and decreased employee morale. That’s why it is best for businesses to do anything they can to reduce their turnover.

In this article, we’re offering six tips that will help you increase…

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Time Doctor is an automatic time tracking and employee monitoring tool tailored for small and middle-sized teams. Time Doctor captures idle time, time spent in apps, chats, websites, calls and meetings, takes screenshots and provides managers with time and productivity reports. Along with that, it offers a simple scope management structure to distribute working hours across projects, clients and tasks.

Though Time Doctor is marketed as software that improves productivity, many users complain that it fails to deliver this and other benefits. For example, as long as this app tracks idle time, after a few minutes of inactivity time, it…

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With the fourth industrial revolution in progress, a high-tech approach to production management is no less than a norm. Many manufacturing businesses have already optimized their performance and increased output quality through smart control systems and automation. But organizational improvements should not stop on production process digitalization. For better outcomes, it’s vital to adopt a high-tech approach to team management too.

A good time tracking system is in handy in this regard. It makes resource management and progress monitoring more effective. By streamlining administrative activities, it can help your company save money and time while fostering deeper productivity analysis and…

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