10 Best Hours Tracker Apps for Desktop & Mobile Use

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Keeping track of work time is vital for businesses of any size, as it provides companies with essential information on business processes, team performance and productivity in general. Hours trackers help managers, employees and freelancers collect their working time records, run regular reports, analyze results and make data-based decisions.

To help you choose the best hours tracker for your needs and save your time on exploring hundreds of options on your own, we’ve built this list of top 10 hours tracker apps for desktop and mobile users — check it out!

Desktop & Mobile Hours Trackers

1. actiTIME

Key features: Manual time tracking, Automatic time tracking, Time & cost budgets, Workflow statuses, Kanban view, Custom fields, Analytics & reports, Mobile apps

Pricing: free (try free 30-day trial), paid plans start at $5 user/month

actiTIME is an hours tracker for personal and business use that boasts extensive customization opportunities and simple-to-use interface.

actiTIME allows users to manage their time and tasks from a single timesheet interface. Create or add the tasks you’re working on, specify their due dates, time budgets and other parameters, adjust your timesheet view and you are ready to go with manual time tracking: just enter hours across tasks and supply them with comments if necessary.

Aside from the online timesheet interface, you get a free actiTIME browser extension and a free mobile app. After you install and click the extension, you can pick a task from the list and start the timer. When you are done, just press Stop and your tracked hours will be automatically updated in your timesheet. You can track time on the go with the mobile app in the same way: use a timer or insert hours manually to add them to the timesheet.

Freelancers and managers will benefit from analytics and reporting features where they can review productivity trends, payable and billable amounts, overtime hours, absence time and costs. All the required hourly work, leave and individual rates can be set up in the settings or turned off if you don’t need those and want to keep the software interface as minimalistic as possible.

Explore all actiTIME benefits — start a free 30-day trial (no credit card required).

Integrations: actiPLANS, QuickBooks, Google Calendar, Salesforce, GitLab, GitHub, Jira, Trello, Evernote, and 4,000+ other apps and tools.

2. TimeLive

Key features: Time tracking, Expense tracking, Billing, Reports, Mobile apps

Pricing: free, paid plans start at $3 user/month + cost of individual modules

TimeLive is a solution for hours time tracking designed for employee and contractor tracking.

TimeLive is an integral solution for time and cost management for teams. It allows you to keep time records, calculate expenses on the basis of collected time data, calculate project costs, and manage both work time and time off. This tool is a great help for team and project managers that deal with large amounts of time and expense data.

TimeLive allows managers to automate main procedures of their workflows. It automates such processes as approving timesheets, monitoring project costs, staying informed on employees’ current progress, etc. The solution also offers reporting functionality for reviewing and managing team’s work results.

TimeLive for iOS
TimeLive for Android

3. Tick

Key features: Time tracking, Timer, Billable time tracking, Overtime tracking, Mobile apps

Pricing: free, paid plans start at $19 per month

Tick is an hours tracker for desktop and mobile time tracking that serves best for small teams and field worker teams.

Tick is available for desktop and smartphones and provides a convenient way to track time both manually and automatically. It shows how well you meet the set task and project estimates and lets you leave notes for timesheet entries. Overall, this app is super easy to use, and it comes as a perfect addition to Tick’s desktop version. Plus, if you want to track time right from your Apple Watch, Tick has one more automatic timer app for you to download.

Tick for iOS
Tick for Android

4. DeskTime

Key features: Automatic time tracking, App & URL tracking, Cost tracking, Productivity reports, Mobile apps

Pricing: no free plan, paid plans start at $7 user/month

DeskTime is an automated hours tracker app for desktop and smartphones that captures your activities and time spent on them in the background.

DeskTime is best used for personal hour tracking as it records your activity, websites and applications used and track time spent using them. The tool turns your data into charts and reports where you can review how much time you spent on productive activities. If you want to record time away from the computer, you can log hours manually into your mobile app and review your statistics there or get all the charts and reports in the desktop version.

DeskTime for iOS
DeskTime for Android

5. QuickBooks Time

Key features: Expense tracking, Payroll management, PTO tracking, GPS tracking, Mobile apps

Pricing: free, paid plans start at $10 user/month (+$40 monthly base fee)

QuickBooks Time is employee hours tracking software with GPS, geofencing and time kiosk support.

QuickBooks Time is desktop and mobile time tracking for businesses. It allows users to clock in and out, track break hours and add time entry notes. Field service businesses will benefit from GPS tracking and geofencing, teams working in shifts — from shift management. Freelancers and businesses also get reports exporting and QuickBooks integration for easy billing and invoicing.

QuickBooks Time for iOS
QuickBooks Time for Android

Mobile Only Hours Tracker Apps

6. atWork

Key features: Timers, Task management, Earnings tracking, Location tracking, Reports, Mobile app

Pricing: free, paid features start at $1

atWork is an hours tracking app for iOS that meets the basic needs for contractor time tracking, freelance time and task tracking and personal productivity management.

This iOS app works great for those who want to manage their time more efficiently and bring their productivity to a new level. It allows you to log time with an automatic timer and edit the entries manually if necessary, assigning time entries to specific clients or tasks, and using a timesheet calculator to count your earnings.

The app also supports geolocation that helps automate timekeeping further: time tracking starts when you arrive at a specific location and stops when you leave it. As it’s hardly possible to properly process the obtained data on a mobile device, atWork features data export to CSV and PDF.

atWork for iOS

7. Hours Keeper

Key features: Time tracking, Billing and invoicing, Payment tracking, Reports

Pricing: free, paid plans start at $2 per month

Hours Keeper is an hours tracking app for iOS and Android for freelance and employee time tracking where they can track their work time and earnings.

Hours Keeper is a solution for freelancers and self-employed individuals that helps keep record of time spent on work tasks and resulting earnings. It allows us to keep track of daily working hours, taking into account overtime and breaks. After time records are logged, it’s possible to calculate earned amounts and issue PDF invoices for customers.

The app allows users to review results over specific periods of time (e.g. daily or monthly) and run reports on earnings. In it, you can also track billing and customers’ payments to avoid omitting unpaid amounts. Its calendar view helps map time and billing data to specific months.

Hours Keeper for iOS
Hours Keeper for Android

8. ATracker

Key features: Time tracking, Scheduling, Productivity reports

Pricing: free, paid plans start at $3 per month

ATracker is an hours tracking app for iOS and Android devices that helps people striving to be more productive in their daily lives recognize where their time goes.

ATracker is a time management app that helps organize your day and keep track of your results. With this app, you can schedule various activities for specific times of the day, log time actually spent on it, and review your productivity progress in the course of time. For reviewing past activities, task history with search is available.

This tool is a multipurpose solution that suits for anything from organizing work life to running hobby projects. It offers convenient features for saving time necessary for organizing your work and life. Friendly visual data representation in various charts helps understand your productivity level and see where’s room for improvement.

ATracker for iOS
ATracker for Android

9. Qlaqs

Key features: Time tracking, Clock-in functionality, Task management, Budget management

Pricing: free, paid plans start at $3 per month

Qlaqs is an hours tracker app for iOS and Android for freelancers, employees, teams and employers.

Qlaqs makes use of teamwork and collaboration functionality. This is a clock-in and –out solution that also works for keeping time records with details on activities. With it, you can turn a tablet into a clock-in terminal to make employees’ time recording easier, use mobile apps to track time from anywhere, and use a web center to manage the entire system.

This solution suits those companies that handle sensitive data and have strict data security requirements. Qlaqs works across many devices, provides secure access to time data from each of them, and synchronizes the data via cloud account in real time.

Qlaqs for iOS
Qlaqs for Android

10. BeeBole

Key features: Timer, Manual time tracking, Task management, Offline mode

Pricing: no free plan, paid plans start at $6.99 per user/month

BeeBole is an employee hours tracker app for Android that streamlines payroll and helps managers take control over the work of their teams.

With BeeBole mobile app, users get timers and manual time tracking for recording hours across tasks, time entries notes for commenting on work progress and minimizing micromanagement and offline mode for capturing time from anywhere even when you have no Internet access. iOS users can enjoy BeeBole only using a web app in their mobile browsers.

BeeBole for Android

Ready to Try an Hours Tracker?

Choosing an hours tracker can be tiresome — you need to explore dozens of solutions to see if any of them fits your needs. If you are not sure where to start, we recommend taking a closer look at actiTIME.

actiTIME is a desktop and mobile hours tracker that is one of the most flexible and simple-to-use solutions. It allows you to create an unlimited number of tasks, track time against them in multiple ways and review time and cost analytics using real-time widgets and reports.

actiTIME is easy to set up and use:

  • Create or import your projects and tasks
  • Send out invitations to your team members
  • Assign tasks across your team and get your team to track their working hours
  • Review task and project progress using Kanban board, charts and reports
  • Review team, time and money analytics
  • (Optional) Use leave tracking to keep track of team absences

actiTIME requires no training. You can start using it right now — get your free 30-day trial (no credit card required).



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