11 Best Employee Time Tracking Software (Free + Paid)

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Time is the most valuable asset of yours and your business. You can have the right people in your team but, without proper time management, you won’t be able to recognize your best and worst employees, use their potential to the fullest and convert it to project success, customer satisfaction and business revenue. So, when it comes to managing teams and business operations, the importance of time management can’t be overlooked.

First step towards effective time management is time tracking that is accurate and effortless. Luckily, there are hundreds of time trackers on the market. But the bad news is that all these solutions offer different feature sets, which will take you a lifetime to try and compare.

For this reason, we’ve built the following list of the best employee time tracking software sorted according to the extra features, including task and project management, employee monitoring, employee scheduling and location tracking.

Best Employee Time Tracking Software With Task Management


Key features: Overtime tracking, Expense tracking, Performance reports, Leave tracking, Billing & invoicing, Mobile apps

Pricing: free (try free 30-day trial), paid plans start at $5 user/month

actiTIME is employee time tracking software for businesses with 15+ years of expertise on the market. It allows tracking time using an online timesheet, a browser extension and mobile apps.

Unlike most other time trackers, actiTIME is designed to be flexible and customizable to meet most business and industry needs. You can set up custom workflows and work structures, create task statuses of your liking, set up the tiniest settings or turn off unnecessary features.

actiTIME provides managers with employee, team and project performance insights as well as individual, team and project expenses. After you set up hourly pay rates, actiTIME will calculate payroll amounts. If you specify work rates, it will display project costs across tasks, clients and projects. If you create and set up time off types, they will become available for your team to use, while you will be able to see leave time and costs across users and more.

actiTIME’s Billing Summary Report displaying time and cost expenses for tasks and projects based on individual billing rates

Task and project management in actiTIME are powerful and insightful, yet simple and don’t require special knowledge or much time to set up. Create your work structure and workflow, create or upload tasks, specify deadlines, estimates, statuses and custom field values, specify time, work- and user-based rates and assign tasks across your team. Use real-time widgets, charts and reports to see profitable projects, the cost of work, employees with outstanding performance, activity cost, performance against estimated time and more.

If you enjoy the software but you’d like it to offer custom tools and controls, you can request actiTIME customization and we’ll build one for you. Try actiTIME with a free 30-day trial (no credit card required).

Integrations: actiPLANS, QuickBooks, Google Calendar, Salesforce, GitLab, GitHub, Jira, Trello, Evernote, and 4,000+ other apps and tools.


Key features: Task management, Project timeline, Recurring tasks, User roles & permissions, Mobile apps

Pricing: free, paid plans start at $8.25 per user/month

MeisterTask is employee time tracking software capturing working time with a built-in timer. More than that, it comes with task and project management features, including a Kanban board, a timeline view, to-do lists, task parameters, dashboards and personal agenda boards where you can organize your tasks and projects to your liking.

MeisterTask is a simple tool that will serve you best if its feature set is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Other time and project management software tools can boast more advanced tools, more flexibility but a steeper learning curve. But unlike them, MeisterTask provides a free software plan that small teams and startups can benefit from.

Disadvantages (according to user reviews):

  • Users can see each other’s time tracking records
  • Time tracking glitches
  • Task management and data synchronization bugs
  • Limited integration capabilities as compared to other solutions on the market
  • Unstable mobile apps

Best Employee Time Tracking Software With Employee Monitoring


Key features: Computer activity tracking, Payroll calculation, Client portal, Productivity reports

Pricing: no free plan, paid plans start at $7 user/month

TimeDoctor is employee time tracking software with a focus on activity tracking. TimeDoctor records employee computer activity, including their keyboard and mouse activity, time spent on websites, applications and away from the computer.

TimeDoctor boasts automatic time tracking, meaning your employees won’t forget to start a timer and won’t resort to time theft tactics. Considering how much data the software records, even the most sceptical and demanding bosses will allow their employees to work from their home office with this software installed. But be careful not to misuse it and violate employee privacy.

Disadvantages (according to user reviews):

  • No time budgeting support for tasks
  • Sometimes it would show no activity at all even when there is
  • It offers employee spying through webcams which is clearly a privacy-invading practice
  • Dated design and user interface


Key features: Automatic time tracking, App & URL tracking, Cost tracking, Productivity reports

Pricing: no free plan, paid plans start at $7 user/month

DeskTime is an automated time tracking app designed for small teams. DeskTime helps managers and employees gain insight into how they spend their working time and deal with distractions.

DeskTime is designed for employee monitoring through activity, URL and application tracking, taking occasional screenshots and performing automatic time tracking. The software displays charts mapping productive, unproductive and neutral activities throughout the workday. Its task management, project management and accounting capabilities are rather limited, so DeskTime makes a good fit for companies that want to prevent and manage threats like time theft, security violations and other employee misconduct.

Disadvantages (according to user reviews):

  • No task tracking feature
  • Promotes micromanaging behavior that damages employee morale
  • Inability for a user to turn off the software
  • Needlessly detailed tracking of internet based activities


Key features: Employee activity tracking, Workload management, Productivity reports, Productivity coaching

Pricing: free, paid plans start at $9 user/month

ActivTrak is time and activity tracking software for employees, i.e. employee monitoring software that lets you know what applications your employees use and what websites they visit.

Unlike other employee monitoring software, ActivTrak can be completely invisible to your employees, so they are unaware that such software is installed on their computer. While you may feel tempted to take advantage of this feature, be aware that it may violate employee rights and, if they find out, repercussions and destroyed employee morale might follow.

In ActivTrak, all employee activities are recorded with time stamps. Add websites and app names to that and you’ll get a detailed breakdown of what everyone is working on in your team.

Disadvantages (according to user reviews):

  • Frequent app lags and crashes
  • Privacy-intrusive features: keystrokes recording, live screen tracking, audio and video recording
  • Not flexible or customizable
  • Limited reporting
  • Reading is displayed as unproductive time

Best Employee Time Tracking Software With Project Management


Key features: Gantt charts, Project timeline, Task dependencies, Workload management

Pricing: free, paid plans start at $10 user/month

Teamwork is employee time and project management software with an emphasis on team collaboration. Its core features promote work visibility by allowing users to see what everyone is working on at a time.

Teamwork offers basic time tracking capabilities which include a downloadable timer that you can install on your Mac or Windows device. The timer also tracks your computer activity and stops whenever you are inactive.

Its project management feature set is a tad more impressive. You can review your project using Kanban board, task list view and Gantt chart. More than that, Teamwork is one of the few time management software tools that allows for assigning tasks to more than one employee.

Disadvantages (according to user reviews):

  • Poor reporting and historical data evaluation
  • Requires IT staff to configure the software
  • May occasionally be buggy or malfunction
  • The mobile app is missing essential software features. For example, you can create a project, but not edit it.


Key features: Task management, Resource scheduling, Expense tracking, Team chat, Activity feeds

Pricing: free, paid plans start at $12 per 2 users/month + $7 user/month for every other user

Avaza is employee time and project management software with a rather extensive set of tools and settings.

Avaza provides billable and non-billable time tracking through timers and manual time entries. The software uses time tracking data with billing and cost rates to calculate project costs and profitability. To manage projects successfully, Avaza allows managers to specify task parameters and group the project data in multiple ways using charts, reports and boards. Avaza is a good fit even for middle-size teams because it offers granular user roles and permissions settings.

Disadvantages (according to user reviews):

  • Challenging to set up initially
  • Doesn’t work in offline mode
  • The system lacks adequate dashboards, widgets and custom options
  • The software lacks colors and branding options for personalization
  • Not as well-designed and intuitive as some of its competitors

Best Employee Time Tracking Software With Employee Scheduling

When I Work

Key features: Timesheet, Shift planning, Leave management, Mobile apps

Pricing: free, paid plans start at $4 user/month

When I Work is employee scheduling and time tracking software for businesses. Manage schedules and track time on mobile devices using native and browser-based apps. Get notified about schedule changes and request shift trades or time off on the go in the mobile app.

When I Work allows employees to clock in and out, request time off, set preferred schedules, and even trade shifts that are up for grabs. The software also helps managers avoid additional schedule changes since it allows employees to set their availability and time off all in the same app. Whenever a time-off request has been made, managers get notified and can manage it online.

Regular users can access other software benefits. Each time they clock out the software reminds them of their next scheduled shift, lets them know how many hours they had that day, lets them take lunch break right from the home screen and reminds them about being late and having an upcoming shift.

Disadvantages (according to user reviews):

  • The software isn’t well suited for time-off tracking for full-time and salaried employees
  • Occasional glitches with schedules showing differently for each user
  • Limited reporting unless you pay for it
  • Few integrations with payroll and point-of-sale (POS) vendors
  • Few personalization and branding opportunities


Key features: Overtime tracking, GPS tracking, Leave management, Mobile apps

Pricing: free, paid plans start at $2 user/month/module

TrackTime24 is employee time tracking software with work schedule capabilities and GPS tracking, which make it a good fit for field service businesses. Monitor overtime, break times and working day length, identify chronic latecomers and early work leavers.

TrackTime24 records employee clock-ins and clock-outs, compares them with their schedules and displays overtime, lateness, early clock-outs, absences and other statuses in a single attendance sheet. The software helps managers review employee working hours, paid and unpaid breaks at a glance in a special interface.

Disadvantages (according to user reviews):

  • Working hours can get a bit messy with flexible working hours and breaks, especially after booking a half day time off.
  • Minor bugs.

Best Employee Time Tracking Software With GPS Tracking


Key features: Attendance tracking, Facial recognition, Work schedules, Mobile apps

Pricing: free, paid plans start at $2 user/month

Jibble is employee time tracking software equipped with GPS and geofence tracking designed specifically for managing field staff.

Jibble is a contemporary alternative to punch clocks. Turn any smartphone or a shared tablet into a GPS time tracker or set up a geofence for location-based attendance. Jibble captures work hours with activities, notes, photos (for Facial Recognition) and the GPS location (if enabled), which makes it a good choice for industries such as construction, F&B, retail, field services, manufacturing, healthcare and more.

Disadvantages (according to user reviews):

  • No time theft control: users complain about their employees entering their working hours at the end of the week
  • You can restrict employees from accessing other’s timesheets but can’t hide the time log
  • Not very user-friendly (unless you have a tech background)
  • No leave time notes

QuickBooks Time

Key features: Time tracking, Expense tracking, Payroll management, PTO tracking, GPS tracking, Mobile apps

Pricing: free, paid plans start at $10 user/month (+$40 monthly base fee)

QuickBooks Time is employee time tracking software with GPS, geofencing and time kiosk support.

QuickBooks Time offers online timesheets and mobile time tracking for businesses. Employees can clock in or out, record their breaks, change job codes, or add timesheet details. The software also supports employee scheduling, GPS tracking and geofencing, which makes QuickBooks Time a good choice for field service businesses. Imagine if you could open a map and see who is working and where — this is exactly what this software can do.

Disadvantages (according to user reviews):

  • Reports can’t be customized without the aid of a developer
  • User permission sometimes don’t work correctly
  • QuickBooks Time used to be TSheets. So when issues arise, QuickBooks Time support says they can’t do anything about TSheets’ issues
  • Unauthorised employee clock-outs and deleted time logs

Ready to Introduce Employee Time Tracking Software?

So, what makes a good employee time tracker? Taking into account the user complaints of the software listed above, good employee time tracking software should be intuitive, reliable, secure, insightful and customizable to meet most business and industry standards. Our list proves that even some of the best solutions fail to cover these basic expectations.

If you are looking for a robust solution with an established presence on the software market, consider actiTIME. During its 15+ years of service, it has become one of the most flexible and secure solutions on the market. It’s easy to track time in three different ways, each taking you a few seconds, it’s flexible to adjust to your business and workflow requirements, it’s reliable and secure as none ever reported otherwise. Give it a try and see for yourself — get your free 30-day actiTIME trial (no credit card required).




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