13 of the Best Time Management Tools and Apps

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Have you noticed what the factor is when you are most productive in your day? What is it that allows you to get so much done in your day? It is when you budget your time! When you plan out your time and use your time wisely, you are able to stay on task and focused.

This is true in business and in your personal life! Time management is an essential aspect of your daily life. There are many time management tools that can help you organize your time. This is a list of the 13 best time management tools and apps.

Free Time Management Tools

First, let’s discuss the best free time management tools available to you. All of these applications are completely free. There is no trial or hidden fees, you can just jump right in.

1. actiTIME

actiTIME is the best of both the time tracking apps as well as the project management software. With actiTIME you can assign work to your employees or your team, record hours worked, and use the reports to continually improve productivity.

The other thing that actiTIME gives you access to is productivity tools. You can manage projects, assign people to projects, and even budget your time while working.

2. Evernote

If you ever feel like your disorganization is costing you time, you are not alone. Evernote is here to help you get control of your time by helping you write notes and organize these notes all in one place.

You can create to-do-lists and projects within the app.

If there is an article that you need to save a part of the research for a project, the web clipper feature allows you to save them as part of the note.

Evernote even allows you to search your notes to find exactly what you are looking for.

3. RescueTime

RescueTime is a productivity app. You need to be able to see where you are spending the most time in order to be able to increase your productivity. So ResueTime’s analytics will show you exactly where you are spending the most time.

You can also create alerts and notifications. One unique aspect of RescueTime is the ability to track offline events as well. You can track phone calls or meetings.

All you have to do is press the time clock button to start and stop the clock from either your mobile app or your desktop.

4. Todoist

Todoist is designed to help you assign and complete tasks. You can give all of your tasks due dates and different project labels so that you know exactly what due dates go with each project.

Racking up “karma” points helps to keep you motivated to complete the tasks in a timely manner. These “karma” points keep a reward system going so that you feel good about the work you did and keeps you wanting to do more.

You can access Todoist on both your phone and your desktop computer.

5. Remember the Milk

Do you need constant reminders of what to do and when? We could all use a little help sometimes and that is where Remember the Milk comes in. You can get reminders on your email, text, and even more.

Remember the Milk also has the capability to sync with other applications such as Gmail, Outlook, and Google. This allows you to sync your calendars as well as any meetings you have so you never miss a beat.

6. Clockify

Think of the Clockify Time app as your personal way to keep track of all of the projects in your life as well as your team’s life. Reports are generated with exactly what the project status is for each employee as well as yourself.

You can also group people who are working on projects together, calculate the bill based on time spent, and create multiple workspaces.

Paid Time Management Tools

Next, here let’s continue our list with the paid time management tools out on the market.

The prices are listed on the website of each time management tool. A lot of these tools have the option for monthly subscriptions as well as one-time payments. Some of the pricing is also based on how many employees or users you have on it.

7. Monday.com

Monday.com is an all in one productivity tool. You can track time, create to-do lists, assign team members to projects, and even update the status of projects in real-time.

Monday.com also has a time tracking feature where you can manually input the time or you can switch the timer on and off.

Integrating Monday.com with any of the other software or features that you use is easy, so Monday.com is a great tool for teams who already work with other systems but want a home base to work out of.

8. Nifty

Nifty is a great option for individuals or teams of many sizes to come together to collaborate. Employees can use Nifty to keep track of their projects as well as billable hours.

You can get customizable reports based on custom date ranges and export the reports via CVS or PDF to keep track of everything.

Nifty integrates with Zapier to enhance the efficiency of the app as well.

9. Paymo

People say that “time is money” and Paymo helps you keep track of both time and money.

With Paymo you can track your time while you are also tracking things like budget, a resource calendar, and converting your time into invoices.

You can even customize the timesheet settings with Paymo.

10. Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is perfect for those teams that work remotely. This app allows you to schedule, monitor, and manage all of your employees. You can track payroll, vacation, sick days, personal time off of your employees as well.

You can also use Buddy Punch to assist with project management. You can assign projects and track time for individual projects as well.

Something unique that is not used in other apps is the GPS tracking that Buddy Punch offers.

11. Focus Booster

Have you ever heard of the Pomodoro technique? It is a technique used while time tracking. You set a timer for 25 minutes and work as hard as you can before you get a short break at the end of time.

Focus Booster is an app that uses this Pomodoro method to help increase your productivity.

Some of the other unique features Focus Booster has are things like a recorded timesheet and you can also generate invoices.

12. Freedom

Freedom is an application that helps to block you from going onto the websites that you just can not resist. If social media is what takes you away from your work, Freedom will make it so that you can not log in.

In the app, you can create “work sessions”. These work sessions tell the app when you should be working and when to block distracting websites and browsers.

13. Focus@Will

Do you ever feel like music helps you get more done in your day? Focus@Will is an app with a collection of music that has been edited for neurological purposes. The app was developed by several neuroscientists.

You can choose the energy level you want and then Focus@Will helps you to achieve your ultimate workflow!

It also includes a productivity tracker and over 50 channels of music to listen to.

The Most Efficient Option for You

Time tracking is an essential part of any productivity tool that you use. Without time management tools you do not know where you can increase your productivity.

actiTIME is known for its ability to not only track the time that you spend working on your projects, but to also provide you with the reports that you need to understand where you can increase productivity.

If you are interested in actiTIME, sign up for your free trial, and get ready to improve your time management as well as your business!



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