18 Roadmap Software Tools to Streamline Project Management

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Roadmap software is widely used for project planning, progress tracking, activity coordination and team collaboration. Nowadays, you may choose a roadmap tool from a large variety of products with different sets of features. To do so effectively, you need to carefully review its primary functionality, additional features and integrations to avoid double work if you are already using any other project management tools.

Here’s a list of 18 roadmap apps that simplify collaboration, streamline the management process and help deliver projects on time. ⏰

Free Roadmap Software 🤩

1. ClickUp

Key features: Task planning, Visual widgets, Milestones, App integrations

The tool offers a simple and efficient procedure for workflow planning. Using it, you can:

  • Create tasks, organize them in a tree hierarchy and then assign to your employees.
  • Review system tasks in a list, box or board view for a perfect representation of workflow and workloads.
  • Write comments and forward them to the right team members.

ClickUp also has a workflow status system that can be customized and perfectly aligned with your own work procedures. Integrations with 500+ tools are also available for those who prefer to use multiple software solutions on a daily basis.

Besides, the tool has a free version with limited storage capacity and functionality, which is perfect for solo users and teams who just starting to integrate ClickUp into their project management routine.

Bonus Tool: actiTIME 🎁

Key features: Work scope management, Kanban board, Powerful reporting, Time tracking

Online timesheet interface in actiTIME — time and task management software that tracks work time, visualizes project progress and provides time and cost analytics

actiTIME isn’t a roadmap app, but it can assist you in project planning tremendously. This smart piece of timesheet software incorporates a robust project management functionality that will enable you to plan project scope, create tasks, set deadlines and estimates for them.

Reports dashboard in actiTIME — set up real-time data widgets
and add report shortcuts for quick access

After projects are elaborated in actiTIME this way, you can distribute workloads across the team in just a few clicks and commence monitoring work progress on the Kanban board. Note that the basic version of actiTIME is available at no cost for teams of up to three users.

Kanban board in actiTIME displaying custom workflow statuses
and actual time vs. estimated time

Ready to give it a try? Sign up for a free 30-day trial to benefit from enhanced project planning and management.

2. Hygger

Key features: Timelines, Task priorities, Time tracking, Comments

This tool offers various agile features for project management purposes:

  • Kanban board,
  • Scrum,
  • Sprint planning,
  • Backlog,
  • Roadmaps, etc.

Hygger provides a full picture of the project you’re working on and allows you to share the data across many project management software tools used in the company. With its rich management functionality, you can prioritize tasks and push them to develop and implement valuable ideas from the backlog. This helps complete projects faster and more efficiently.

Hygger offers a free version with limited storage capacity for unlimited projects and teams of any size.

3. Airtable

Key features: Multiple project view modes, History of project changes, Image gallery, Team collaboration

Airtable is designed to help you keep all the information about your projects in one place. Depending on your needs and the type of work you do, you may choose from a variety of project visualization features. Kanban boards, Gantt charts and calendars are merely a few of the options. And even if you find neither of them perfect, you can always create your own custom view form.

The free version of the tool is available for teams and individuals who manage relatively small projects and just starting to use Airtable. This version has limited functionality and lacks such valuable features as automated table syncing and long-term history of project revisions.

4. Sharp Cloud

Key features: Document management, Flexible configuration, Data visualization, Comments

Sharp Cloud is a smart solution for data visualization and the design of interactive roadmaps. The app helps collect and explore the data through multiple lenses, which is important if you want to gain new insights and get more value from the projects you are working on.

Flexible view modes allow for analyzing various aspects of project data, assessing the impacts of different decisions and overviewing all connections between different elements. In addition, Sharp Cloud enables you to cooperate with colleagues, monitor project progress and effectively with your audience through captivating presentations.

The software has a free version with limited functionality for those who only start to explore it.

5. Creately

Key features: Data visualization, Real-time collaboration, Handy integrations

Creately is a straightforward visual planning tool that offers you a lot of flexibility in deciding what to plan. Project timelines, Gantt charts, milestone charts, work breakdown structures or roadmaps — these are merely a few things you can build with its help. And what’s even better is that you can do all that while collaborating with your team members in real time.

Creately has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface and supports multiple data view modes for higher convenience. Plus, you can apply this roadmap app at absolutely no cost. However, the free version has limited functionality and is best suitable for small projects.

6. Harvestr

Key features: Customer data management, Business analytics, Collaboration

Harvestr is a multifunctional product management solution that allows for effortless collaboration with your customers and employees. With its help, you may manage customer feedback, store all the vital project data in a single place and use it to make informed and effective decisions.

Besides, Harvestr includes a collaborative roadmap-building feature that lets you engage all the essential stakeholders in the project planning processes and create highly accurate work timelines this way. The best part: this handy feature is available as part of the free Harvestr version, which supports one editor (aka manager) and up to 10 contributors (aka project team members or customers).

Paid Roadmap Tools 💸

1. Roadmap

Key features: Resource planning, Time tracking, Powerful reporting, App integrations

Roadmap is an excellent resource planning and forecasting tool for fully remote, hybrid and international teams that want to manage all their project data in a centralized fashion.

It is designed for finding and allocating available resources, visualizing work processes and business goals, creating multi-project Gantt charts, generating pivot tables and sharing the data with colleagues and customers. Third-party integrations with Jira, Basecamp and GitHub allow managers to keep the data in one place without the necessity to manually update it everywhere.

The basic version of this roadmap planner comes at a price of $82 a month (if paid annually). More advanced Roadmap subscriptions include a higher number of additional features and allow you to manage more projects and resources.

2. Favro

Key features: Planning boards, Document management, Scheduling, App integrations

Favro is a visual project management tool with a focus on effortless team collaboration. Using it, you may create multiple project boards, including Kanban, timelines and task lists. You may craft databases and store documents in a single space. Then, you may share all the vital project information across your team members, track their progress the easy way, and even integrate your Favro account with a plethora of other apps adopted in your company.

Favro offers a 14-day trial that lets you test its multiple features out for free. After the trial period expires, you may start to use the tool for at least $10.2 a month, yet the final price depends on the size of your team.

3. Roadmunk

Key features: Customer feedback management, Task organization, Project timelines, App integrations

As a smart piece of roadmap software, Roadmunk helps users to visualize work process in a painless way. It offers various types of views, Jira integration and opportunities for easy data export in popular formats, which makes the product user-friendly and easy to implement in any business environment.

With Roadmunk, you can create roadmaps, export them for further use in presentations, print them out, and share them with colleagues without a hitch. Advanced security features meet the needs of global enterprise customers and comply with leading standards.

4. airfocus

Key features: Project data visualization, Flexible setup, Software integrations

This tool combines a robust roadmap-building feature with flexible task planning functionality. It lets users design a custom prioritization system that aids in strategic decision-making and data analysis. Besides, airfocus is largely based on visualization:

  • You can create detailed project timelines with task dependencies,
  • Design clear priority charts,
  • Review project data on boards, etc.

airfocus can also be synced with a plethora of popular tools, including Asana, Trello and Jira. To learn more about how to integrate your Jira issues into the airfocus roadmap planner, check out the video below.

5. Craft

Key features: Prioritization engine, Product spec management, Capacity planning, Software integrations

Craft is a tool for strategic planning, project management and team collaboration that helps develop products in an easy and efficient way. Using this solution, you can:

  • Set performance goals,
  • Define product features and stories,
  • Create roadmaps (or story maps),
  • And track progress as you’re working on your tasks.

For more detailed work planning and management, Craft offers splitting activities into different releases and priorities. Besides, it supports integration with myriads of handy project management and software development tools, such as Jira, GitLab, Active Directory, etc.

6. Productboard

Key features: Visual work planning, Prioritization, Team collaboration, Customer feedback repository

Productboard enables you to manage projects and build products that your customers actually want. Apply it to:

  • Define project scope,
  • Set milestones and priorities,
  • Keep track of work progress,
  • And adapt internal processes to the changing requirements.

Moreover, Productboard provides you with features to turn initiatives and ideas into actions, evaluate and visualize strategic value of specific ideas, collect user insights and calculate user impact scores. By doing all that, the tool allows to connect your development process to the needs of your clients.

7. ITONICS Roadmap

Key features: Agile project roadmaps, Graphical features, Data analysis, Collaboration

This roadmap planning tool by ITONICS has all you need to think your projects through, build highly detailed timelines and strategize in an intelligent way. The software funcions in line with the agile project management methodology and contains a plethora of useful features for team collaboration, data analysis and visualization.

For even better results, Roadmap can be seamlessly integrated with other powerful products for project and business management by ITONICS. In either case, Roadmap is sure to level up your work planning experience by streamlining the processes and making it more enjoyable and data-based.

8. ProdPad

Key features: User-friendly interface, Product roadmaps, Idea backlog, Customer feedback repository

ProdPad contains everything you need to manage your product development projects successfully from the very start to the end. It has three core features that you can utilize to:

  • Build lean and easy-to-navigate roadmaps,
  • Develop comprehensive product idea backlogs and manage them painlessly,
  • Store customer feedback and analyze data for project improvement.

Besides, ProdPad supports a plethora of useful integrations and allows you to automate some data management processes with the assistance of DotBot, an AI-based helper that analyzes trends in customer feedback, matches relevant pieces of information, scans your backlog for recurring themes and keeps it in order for you.

9. Aha!

Key features: Strategic planning, Roadmaps, Task management boards, Idea backlog

Aha! is validly considered the most popular roadmap building and project management tool in the world. It has everything you need to elaborate your strategies, define the scope of work, create timelines, crowdsource ideas and share vital project information with colleagues. Besides, you can use it to organize and prioritize your tasks, manage the workflows and keep work progress in check.

Aha! fits agile work environments and the more traditional ones equally well. Plus, it is available for startups at a lowered price, while all others may enjoy its robust functionality starting from $59 per user a month.

10. ProductPlan

Key features: Roadmaps, Prioritization, Team collaboration, Integrations

ProductPlan is a great tool for managers who prefer to create a visual overview of their projects. It allows to:

  • Build roadmaps quickly and easily,
  • Create and move estimates,
  • Communicate plans for future work to the team,
  • And establish a consistent and standardized work process.

This roadmap planner can be synced with major project management tools like Jira or Pivotal Tracker, which helps avoid double work when filling in necessary data or tracking project progress.

11. Roadmap Planner

Key features: Resource planning, Milestones, Gantt charts, Drag-and-drop interface

This piece of roadmap planning and collaboration software suits companies and organizations from various business domains.

Depending on the plan (Basic or Pro), the tool offers diverse planning, management, visualization, integration and data exchange features. And regardless of which version you choose, Roadmap Planner will help you create straightforward visual project roadmaps, add user stories, record your ideas, set task priorities and many more.

12. Toggl Plan

Key features: Project timeline, Task management, In-task comments, Drag-and-drop interface

Toggl Plan is a user-friendly software tool for visual project planning. It has a drag-and-drop interface that makes timeline designing as easy as pie. Plus, it lets you organize tasks on the Kanban board and then keep their progress statuses always in check.

The tool also includes the commenting feature, which facilitates team collaboration a great deal and helps you stay aware of what everyone else is currently doing without much trouble.

For teams, the solution is available for $8 per user a month (or more).




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