35 Best Time Tracking Software of 2022

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Time tracking software is a tool where users can record worked hours across tasks and projects.

Originally, timekeeping was performed entirely by hand. Modern time tracker software not only minimizes timekeeping effort, but comes along with additional features that provide easier project management, automated billing and invoicing and smart leave management among other benefits.

To help you find the best time tracking software for your needs, we’ve built the following interactive list where you can select necessary features and see the best options available to you today.

1. actiTIME

Price: from $5 user/month

Time tracking software where you can track time, leaves and statuses, manage teams and projects, calculate payrolls, review costs and profits. Use 4,000+ integrations to connect actiTIME with your business environment. Join 10,000+ actiTIME happy clients today.

2. Beebole Timesheet

Price: from $6.99 user/month

Timesheet software that offers many business features but can’t boast a user-friendly interface or handy timesheet management. Instead, it offers absence management and API integration with ERP and billing software.

3. Chrometa

Price: from $19 user/month

Automatic time tracking software that runs in the background and registers your activity on PC, Mac or Android device. Chrometa also offers billing and invoicing features that calculate the cost of your billable activities. It connects with 50+, but doesn’t integrate with key tools such as Gmail, Franz, Skype and Wrike.

4. ClickTIme

Price: from $9 user/month

Time tracking software that offers online timesheets for desktop users and a mobile app for those on the go. ClickTime lacks proper user permission management required for middle-sized and large teams, but does its job at time tracking and accounting.

5. Clockify

Price: from $3.99 user/month

Time tracker from project management and productivity tracking. Many Clockify users complain about the desktop version logging out frequently and the mobile app not syncing the data. But they commend time reports showing where their time really goes.

6. Clockly

Price: from $14.99 user/month

Time tracking and employee monitoring software that records user activity, time and performance. The software captures hours in the background, monitors your employees and keep you informed of the work progress.

7. ClockShark

Price: from $6 user/month

A GPS-based time tracking solution for construction and field service companies. It shows where work started and stopped, allows for photo and file attachments and supports job information sharing. Use time tracking data to cost jobs, build bills and payrolls.

8. Clockspot

Price: from $15 user/month

Time and attendance tracking software that supports essential features, including punching in/out, timesheet approvals and automated PTO balance accruals. Use time tracking data to generate time reports and employee payrolls.

9. DeskTime

Price: from $7 user/month

Automatic time tracking software for teams that measures productivity based on the quality of apps and websites used. Review working time, attendance, idle time and more. Rely on working time data to generate invoices. Use with caution as productivity evaluations are subjective and can hurt employee morale.

10. eBillity Time Tracker

Price: from $16 user/month

Time tracking software designed for generating bills and payroll. Record time on any device and use Quickbooks, Zero or MYOB to generate accounting reports and invoices. Other features include GPS location tracking, time kiosk with facial recognition and time rounding.

11. Everhour

Price: from $8.50 user/month

Time tracking software for budgeting, invoicing and payroll. Unlike other solutions, it also offers project management, employee scheduling, project budgeting and leave management features. Software cons include poor report design and issues with software integrations.

12. Harvest

Price: from $12 user/month

Team time tracker that works on any device and supports manual and timer-based time tracking. It turns your data into time and cost reports and helps you generate bills and invoices. One of the most common Harvest complaints is that it changes historical cost data if you change your rates for current projects.

13. Homebase

Price: from $14 user/month

Time tracking tool that helps managers schedule employees, track working time, collaborate and build payrolls. It also provides features for HR managers, including hiring and onboarding, employee happiness, leave management and compliance tools.

14. Hubstaff

Price: from $7 user/month

Time tracking software that offers desktop, web and mobile apps. Key features include screen capture, GPS tracking and geofences. Reporting and accounting features, 30+ integrations included. Use activity monitoring features with caution.

15. Jibble

Price: from $2 user/month

Time clock app for managing projects, payroll and attendance. To field service businesses, Jibble offers GPS tracking and face recognition for clocking in and out. Review time expenses and gather payroll data using reports. What Jibble can’t boast is its flexibility and potential for customization.

16. ManicTime

Price: from $7 user/month

Automated self-hosted time tracker that records computer activity, including names of apps and websites. You can use API integration with your time and accounting management software or use this data to track your working hours in the most accurate manner.

17. My Hours

Price: from $6 user/month

Time tracking software designed for small teams and freelancers. Assign tasks across your team, set up hourly rates and review billable amounts and costs. Generate time charts and reports to see how working hours are distributed across the tasks.

18. Qbserve

Price: from $30 user/month

Automatic time tracker for Mac that records your activity and provides feedback on your productivity. Qbserve automatically captures working hours and generates invoices based on them. So, with this tool, you don’t need to use timers or record start and end time for your activities.

19. RescueTime

Price: from $6.5 user/month

Time and activity tracking tool for individuals that records time spent in apps and websites. It is designed to improve personal efficiency via notifications and reports to help you identify unproductive patterns. The app runs in the background on computers, smartphones and tablets.

20. Tick

Price: from $19 user/month

Time tracking software that works on desktops, smartphones and even Apple watch. It’s tailored for specialists who bill by the hour and prefer to track time using timers. More than that, the software supports rucurring projects that auto-reset each month.

21. Time Doctor

Price: from $7 user/month

Employee monitoring software that records computer activity. It sends managers weekly reports of websites and apps, which their employees have been using. It is available as a web-based, desktop and mobile app.

22. Time IQ

Price: from $5 user/month

Time tracking software with simple interface and basic functionality. Record hours manually or start a timer, set time and cost budgets and review your performance in simple charts and reports. For billing, use QuickBooks integration.

23. TimeCamp

Price: from $6.3 user/month

Automated time tracking software that monitors computer activity and logs time data across activities. Track productivity and review project profitability. Use software integrations to manage projects and invoice clients.

24. Timeero

Price: from $5 user/month

GPS time tracker that supports automatic clock-in and clock-out with geofencing, provides a real-time view of everyone’s location and even tracks employee mileage. Good choice for service-providing industries.

25. TimeLog

Price: from $10 user/month

PSA solution with time and cost management features. Review project time and costs, plan resources and automate invoicing. The software is designed for consulting, software development and engineering companies.

26. Timely

Price: from $8 user/month

Automatic time tracking software that distributes working time across clients, activities and projects. Monitor budgets, hours and activities in real time with charts and reports.

27. Timeneye

Price: from $6 user/month

Simple time tracking tool for freelancers and small teams. It allows you to manage simple projects, assign tasks to your team members, track time across activities and build reports to see where it goes.

28. Timing

Price: from $4.50 user/month

Time tracker for Mac users who enjoy automatic time tracking. It is also a good choice for small teams as Timing allows them to work on shared projects. No accounting or team productivity features included.

29. TMetric

Price: from $5 user/month

Automatic work time tracker for freelancers, agencies, and companies. It provides solid project management features including task parameters, deadlines and budgets. Set billable rates and create invoices based on time records.

30. todo.vu

Price: from $9 user/month

Time tracking software for freelancers, consultants and small teams. The software is designed to be a reliable time tracker and billing tool with mobile support and calendar sync.

31. Toggl Track

Price: from $9 user/month

Simple time tracking tool for capturing working hours and building time reports. It is available on computers and smartphones, which makes it a perfect fit for freelancers, field workers and small teams.

32. TrackingTime

Price: from $5 user/month

Time tracking software for freelancers and small teams. It captures working hours and displays team productivity, provides reporting features and shows work in progress to help you manage the workload.

33. TrackTime24

Price: from $2 user/month

Time tracker with a basic set of features for freelancers and field service workers. It offers clock-in and out features, breaks tracking and leave management features for remote employee management. No accounting features provided.

34. When I Work

Price: from $4 user/month

Time tracking and employee scheduling software for businesses. Keep track of overtime, labor costs, time off and employee availability in a single environment.

35. WebWork Time Tracker

Price: from $2.99 user/month

Time tracking and employee monitoring software designed to improve team productivity. Review time stats, app and website time, activity analysis to increase employee performance.

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