8 Best Time Clock Apps for Android

5 min readFeb 4, 2019


Today the distinction between personal and work devices is getting more and more blurred: most of us use our mobile to check mail and answer in chats at least a couple of times every day, not to mention performing other tasks. When it comes to remote or field work, the use of mobile devices becomes even more intense. When it comes to time tracking, the handiest mobile apps should be easy to use, automatically sync data with web version, and optionally have an offline mode which can be important for some locations with bad or no Internet connection.

To facilitate your choice we prepared this list of the 8 best time clock apps for Android.

1. Work Log

Work Log is a simple time clock app. It supports NFC for clock-in, clock-in reminders upon arrival on job site (you can add multiple locations), and tracking work hours for salaried workers (time log can be later edited manually). Two different clock-in options are available: by typing or with a fingerprint. The app also offers shift management functionality, such as creating various shift types and color coding by shifts.

In Work Log app, you can set up hourly rates for your employees depending on location or job site, calculate salaries for specific time periods, and change salary data retroactively. The app also supports vacation and sick day pay, tax deductions, and expense calculation.

2. actiTIME

actiTIME Mobile app is a lightweight and reliable solution for time-tracking on the go. It allows to record time manually or with a timer, works offline, and syncs the data to the corporate actiTIME installation. actiTIME Mobile shows time-tracking data collected in different periods (day, week, month) in a colorful and informative chart.

actiTIME Mobile allows employees to record both work and leave time. It also calculates overtime depending on your corporate overtime accrual rules. For team and project managers, the app offers task management feature. More robust management and reporting features are available in the desktop version of actiTIME, where you can run various reports, manage users’ access to the system data, export the data to CSV or PDF formats, and review team’s results.

3. Jiffy

Jiffy is a simple time log app that allows you to record your work time and review summary reports. It allows to switch between tasks, use timer to calculate work time, and view your time-tracking results grouped by customers and projects for any specific time period.

The app offers a widget for accessing your projects from the lock or home screen of your device. Interactive notifications and smart suggestions remind you of time-tracking, help you increase accuracy of your time records, and save time you spend on timekeeping.

4. OnTheClock

A cloud-based time clock system that helps small businesses and startups organize timekeeping. It offers punch-in and –out feature, including GPS and geofencing-based punch-in, allows to record work time and paid time-off, and calculates overtime. The app supports biometric clock-in and –out to prevent “buddy clock-in”, as well as GPS and IP address restrictions.

OnTheClock provides automation timekeeping features, such as automatic break deduction, cost calculation, and group punch-in for quick punching of several employees from a single device. The collected time data can be exported into Excel or PDF for further review and processing.

5. ExakTime Mobile

ExakTime is a time clock solution for remote and field workers. It allows to manage workforce from mobile devices, clock in and out from remote locations, and keep track of work activities. Clock-in is possible with an individual PIN code or FaceFront Biometrics, which prevents possible fraud. A GPS location stamp is provided for every punch-in so that managers know where their employees are located.

ExakTime works without cell service and helps keep track of hundreds of work activities. It integrates with accounting systems for streamlining payroll and billing. For more detail on performed work, the app allows to add text, photo, or audio notes to time records.

6. Timesheet

An app with a straightforward name and a simple timekeeping method: it allows you to track your tasks with a simple push of button, add breaks, and leave notes to your time log. The app offers export of the collected time data to Microsoft Excel for further processing and backup to SD card or Dropbox for data integrity.

Timesheet app also provides overviews and statistics on the basis of recorded data for visual analysis of your work results. Cloud data sync allows you to use the app on multiple devices.

7. aTimeLogger

An app for tracking personal or work activities that can be useful for individuals, startups, or small businesses. It allows to add information on your daily activities and keep record of how much time you spend on them. The app can record several activities simultaneously, allows automatic time tracking with Tasker or Locale, and supports Android Wear.

aTimeLogger collects the data and provides you with daily, weekly or monthly statistics on how you’ve been spending your time. Graphs and pie charts ensure a quick visual overview of your results. Summary reports can be exported from the app in CSV or HTML format.

8. My Work Clock

My Work Clock is a simple and clear app designed to clock in and out and record work time. It supports overtime and multiple tasks, allows to punch in and out directly from the widget on the home screen, and summarizes the data in simple reports to provide you with an overview of your daily, weekly or monthly time logs.

The app can add records to a calendar as events (though as one-way sync only), provide you with quick information on daily, weekly and monthly results, and send reports on your collected time data to email. My Work Clock is a simple and convenient option to track time on the go and from remote locations.




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