8 Terrific Time Trackers for Enterprise Needs

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Time tracking is as vital for large companies as it is for small ones — keeping a record of working hours, any business can improve project management outcomes, boost performance efficiency and make payroll and invoicing more accurate and streamlined.

However, time tracking software should possess several important qualities to be able to meet enterprise needs. It must be scalable and afford an unlimited number of users / projects. It should be customizable and accessible from any place and any device. Lastly, it should support an easy exchange of information across the entire organization. And the list below includes some of the most remarkable time trackers that do just that!

1. actiTIME

Key features:

  • Mobile and offline time tracking
  • Reports for business insight
  • Flexible configuration
  • Useful permission settings

actiTIME is a scalable and flexible time tracker that enables companies of any size to manage their projects in a smart and data-driven way. It ensures real-time visibility into how well your enterprise utilizes its business resources and helps you analyze project profitability and costs in depth. Moreover, thanks to multiple embedded automations, as well as work rate and billing rate settings, it streamlines payroll, billing and invoicing, taking pain out of your accounting works.

For the convenience of your global staff members, actiTIME is accessible from any device. Besides, it allows tracking time automatically using the browser extension or the mobile app (which also works well in the offline mode).

Plus, actiTIME is highly configurable — you can switch off any features if you like and set up the account in a way that aligns with your organizational workflows and policies just perfectly. And if this in-built configurability is not enough, you can always use actiTIME’s API tools or contact our team to inquire about the additional customization services.

Price: The cost of actiTIME subscription starts from $5 per user a month. However, companies with over 200 employees may enjoy a fixed monthly price that depends on the overall size of their team.

2. Tick

Key features:

  • Automatic timers
  • Instant budget feedback
  • Powerful reports
  • Basecamp integration

Tick has a user-friendly interface and straightforward time tracking functionality that lets you either make manual timesheet entries or keep a more accurate record of hours with automatic timers.

Your global workforce will appreciate Tick’s accessibility from any operating system and device, including smartphones, tablets and Apple watch. And such features as the real-time budget tracker and insightful reports will add immense value for managers by allowing them to easily monitor performance progress and prevent project overruns.

Price: Tick for unlimited projects and unlimited users will cost you $149 a month.

3. Elorus

Key features:

  • Invoicing
  • Billing automation
  • Expense tracking
  • PayPal integration

Elorus is designed to help you manage everything related to project costs and revenues. For instance, you can track time both manually and automatically and then utilize the robust invoicing module to streamline accounting and make it error-free. Also, you can monitor projects’ financial performance and keep a record of all expenses incurred. And integrations with multiple payment providers, including PayPal, will ensure you always get paid on time.

And yet another great thing about Elorus is that you can manage multiple companies under the same account, which is useful when you need to store data from multiple independently run global facilities in the same place.

Price: $15–19 per user a month for the Standard plan that affords up to 500 users or $30–39 per user a month for the Premium plan that can be applied by an unlimited number of users.

4. Twproject

Key features:

  • Team planning
  • Cost management
  • Document management
  • Automatic notifications

Twproject is a smart project management solution that can be easily scaled to large business needs.

Its time tracking functionality has a familiar Excel-like interface, which even the least tech-savvy of your employees will find extremely simple-to-use. In addition to that, your team members can manage worklogs and make timesheet entries in Twproject right from their mobile devices. And managers can enjoy easy timesheet approval and progress monitoring thanks to configurable settings, automated notifications and comprehensive time tracking reports.

Price: The fully-packed self-hosted version of Twproject for enterprises includes such extra perks as advanced security customization and business process customization and costs from €12.89 per user a month. If you’re interested in the cloud version of this software, you need to contact Twproject’s support team.

5. Avaza

Key features:

  • Resource scheduling
  • Team chat
  • Online invoicing
  • Business reports

Avaza enables your employees to track hours either manually or with one-click timers. However, time tracking is merely a small element in Avaza’s extensive project collaboration functionality. It has everything an enterprise may need for accurate invoicing, easy expense management, painless resource planning and productive information sharing.

The best part: your team can access all these helpful features from any place and device. Plus, you can make your project work even more efficient by integrating Avaza with other popular pieces of software: Xero, Slack, Jira, etc.

Price: The Business plan that includes unlimited project collaborators, customers and invoices will cost you $39.95 monthly. This price covers timesheet access for merely 10 active users, but you can invite more team members to track hours in Avaza for extra $5 per user a month.

6. Workday

Key features:

  • Streamlined payroll management
  • Easy leave request management
  • Time clock
  • Mobile access

Workday is a suite of applications for intelligent business management that primarily aims to satisfy the needs of large and global companies. Its payroll and workforce management module comprises time tracking functionality with clock-in and clock-out features. It provides global teams with simple tools to keep a log of working time and manage their absences: mobile check-ins, voice-activated leave requests, schedule overview, etc.

Workday also enables managers to automate timesheet approval, streamline the payroll process and analyze workforce trends in depth. It does all the complex calculations for you, saving much time and boosting workflow efficiency across your entire business.

Price: The pricing information is not displayed on the Workday website — to inquire about it, you need to contact their team directly.

7. DeskTime

Key features:

  • Project tracking
  • Absence calendar
  • Screenshots
  • Shift scheduling

If you’re concerned about the performance of your regionally distributed employees and want to make sure they do their job well, DeskTime is your go-to software. Along with automatic and offline time tracking features, it takes screenshots of your team members’ work stations, allowing you to see whether they are truly productive or just seem to be that way.

In addition, DeskTime has plenty of useful features for effective work organization, cost management and project billing. Not to mention that its reporting functionality will keep you aware of what’s going on with all your projects and inform you for smarter decision making.

Price: The Enterprise plan costs $12–14 per user a month.

8. ClickTime

Key features:

  • Mobile timesheets
  • Reports for budgeting and forecasting
  • Access controls
  • Resource planning

ClickTime is a robust time tracker with features that are bound to please every kind of stakeholder across all levels in your enterprise. Regular team members will like ClickTime’s simplicity of use and the mobile app. Managers will benefit from real-time reports on employee performance and project progress. As for executives, they may utilize the data submitted to ClickTime to measure different business metrics and see if the company is on the right track.

Above all that, you can integrate this time tracker with other software products, customize your account to better meet your business needs and reduce security risks with the help of strict access permissions and controls.

Price: To get information on the price of ClickTime Enterprise, you need to contact the software provider directly.




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