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Your ultimate guide to productivity and time management
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Bad leadership can seriously damage your workplace. One study found that nearly 50 % of employees working under an uninspiring leader consider quitting their jobs.

Influence in the workplace is crucial to having a well-managed workforce, which leads to a successful enterprise. Cultivating a collaborative culture requires leaders who are savvy in how they gain influence over their teams. Organizations that build up leaders who attract respect and admiration will find themselves with more engaged, loyal, and satisfied employees at work.

This type of leader uses referent power to gain influence over their team. …

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Micromanaging is a widespread problem among today’s employees. Business leaders and supervisors often have trouble giving their staff members the autonomy to achieve goals on their own. And while it’s common for managers to follow up on tasks and set expectations regarding the quality of work produced, micromanagement is a harmful habit:

  • Around 59% of employees say they’ve worked with a micromanaging boss in the past, and 68% of those people reported a decrease in engagement and morale.
  • Another 55% state that micromanagement harms their productivity, and studies even show micromanagement causing an increase in employee turnover.

So, how do…

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Did you know that the concept behind productivity through remote work has already been in use since the very invention of the Internet in the early 2000’s? But it was only during March 2020 when companies worldwide started to realize the full potential of this flexible work arrangement and began to actually implement it simply because they were left with no choice — thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the last year and a half, businesses became aware of multiple tremendous perks that remote way of working offers to them. Higher cost efficiency and greater staff satisfaction are the primary…

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It goes without saying that money is the lifeblood of any business. To attain your goals, you need to generate enough profit, minimize costs, and allocate resources in a reasonable way. Therefore, no business owner can remain successful if they ignore the financial side of their performance and rarely commit to financial analysis.

Luckily, there are plenty of robust tools that may help you manage business finances with relative ease, and actiTIME is one of the best of them. …

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Few project managers have the luxury of working on one project at a time. In a survey of 220 industry professionals by the Girls Guide to Project Management, only 15 % of PMs handle one project singularly. Most (59 %) juggle between two to five projects, while an additional 15 percent juggle more than 10 projects simultaneously.

With project managers managing so many initiatives, they’re used to overcoming barriers and embracing change as part of the job.

Even so, COVID-19 appears to be causing more challenges than even the most seasoned PMs are used to dealing with — and this…

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No business in the world is self-sufficient and can’t be truly successful without help from others. That’s why businesses need to be in contact with vendors and manage them well.

Vendor management is all about establishing and maintaining fruitful relationships with your suppliers, consultants, freelancers and other vendors. It includes such aspects as contract negotiation, risk management, work progress monitoring, etc. In other words, it aims to ensure you collaborate with vendors in a mutually beneficial way.

All in all, vendor management is essential to stay efficient and productive. …

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Effective time off management contributes to higher business productivity. It allows employees to plan and take vacations in an orderly manner, enjoy enough personal time, stay energized, and show their best at work. It also lets managers track employees’ leaves as accurately and efficiently as possible, improving the practices of workforce capacity planning, benefits management, and payroll.

So, what do you require to manage time off in a proper way? Among all other things, you surely need to know how to log your team members’ days off and process their leave requests well.

To help you out with these tasks…

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Enterprise agility is the latest buzzword doing the rounds in the business world.

The concept of “agile” started with software development and the need for flexible processes but has now taken a much broader form. Many big businesses are trying to be more flexible to change and become more prepared for adapting to the changing market conditions. More and more businesses are striving to undergo a successful agile transformation and for good reason — it delivers solid results.

According to Accenture’s research, truly agile enterprises perform better financially:

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Over the last decade, the remote work arrangement has proved to be beneficial for employers and their staff members alike. It allows businesses to minimize costs and achieve higher team productivity. Plus, it lets employees save some time on the commute and enjoy a much better work-life balance.

Besides, the remote way of working turned out as an excellent public health crisis solution and enabled people to deal with the devastating financial impacts of the pandemic much better.

In other words, many things say in favor of remote work today. However, it still comes with a few risks:

  • How to…

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Attendance management is one of the essential ingredients in the recipe for absenteeism prevention. It serves to ensure that your team members are always present at the workplace when needed and the business remains productive all the time.

One of the primary things required to manage employee attendance well is a comprehensive policy that explains how such issues as tardiness, no-shows, and different kinds of absence are handled in your company.

A good employee attendance policy lets your staff members know what to expect when they neglect your attendance requirements and motivates them to be at work on time. So…


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