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Your ultimate guide to productivity and time management
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The relationship between project costs and profit is pretty straightforward: to understand how much money you earned over a period of time, you need to subtract the expenses incurred from the overall revenue gained. If the amount of expenses is higher than the volume of revenues, you are in trouble. But the lower are the costs compared to the revenues, the better it is for your business’s financial health.

Constantly analyzing your profit against costs is a sure way to maximize earnings and promote the optimal use of resources. …

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Lack of productivity has been a big issue in organizations for years. The average employee is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes per day, which is a number a lot of managers and business owners try to increase.

Many of them try different tactics to solve their productivity issues, and while a handful of them are efficient, most aren’t. If you’re looking for a solution that will allow your business to be more productive, you need to find the cause of your productivity issues.

One of the possible explanations for why productivity is down in your organization is…

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In recent years, remote work has been gaining momentum and now seems to be the norm for many businesses. Indeed, there are some good reasons to work remotely:

  • The company reduces its operating expenses (like leasing offices, furniture, fixtures and equipment), while its employees save on commuting expenses and potentially have a better work-life balance.
  • If companies embrace remote work, they can also access a global talent pool, and not just people in their local area. Likewise, employees can work for companies anywhere on the globe.

However, keeping employees motivated and engaged while working remotely generates its own challenges. …

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Adopting new software can turn into a daunting task in a blink of an eye. Learning how to apply it is often time-consuming. Besides, your team may become reluctant to introduce an unfamiliar tool into their workflows and, as a result, show lower productivity during the integration process.

But considering software’s efficiency-boosting effects, the above risks are worthwhile. And for those just starting to explore such a user-friendly hour tracker as actiTIME, these risks are incredibly low.

Straightforward and intuitive weekly timesheets are actiTIME’s core functionality. They are so simple to understand that it’s hard to go wrong when working…

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Working from home may have its perks, but it certainly doesn’t come without its fair share of stress and struggles. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the average workday increased by 48.5 minutes, and this bleeding over of work into personal time makes it a lot harder to separate the stress of your job from your home life. More than three quarters of people in a survey agreed that work stress takes a toll on their mental health and around 75% of people have experienced burnout at work.

Burnout is a form of job stress that can result in a host of…

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The rising need for remote work has led to the rising need to automate daily processes. After all, automation can effectively save up to 30% of one’s work time that would otherwise be spent on recurring and relatively unproductive tasks.

Managing a whole team is far from simple, but when you have to deal with streamlining the work of remote teams, things can get even more challenging. This is precisely why contemporary tools for remote teams to put daily tasks on autopilot can prove to be transforming for employee productivity and business as a whole.

Task Automation and Its Benefits

To put it simply, task…

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Technology is a crucial part of business success in today’s digitally transforming landscape. Access to the right tools can improve employee efficiency, reduce the risk of costly mistakes and make your team more engaged.

However, before you can unlock all of the benefits of the right software solutions, you need to overcome the challenges of implementation. Though your new software will eventually improve team management and outcomes, it can only deliver the results if implemented securely and effectively.

It’s also important to introduce new tools to teams in a way that supports adoption. …

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Remote work produces many benefits. It results in lower business costs, higher retention rates and improved staff satisfaction. Remote employees have a better chance to balance their professional and personal lives than office workers. They save time, energy and money on the commute and are often more motivated than those who don’t work remotely.

Taking all these positive effects into account, it’s not surprising that 90% of HR leaders believe that companies will allow their team members to work remotely, at least partially, even after the end of the Covid pandemic. …

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TimeCamp is a popular time tracking software that can be applied by any type of business in any industry. It offers multiple pricing plans — from free to the enterprise level — and contains some valuable functionality for progress monitoring and project management. For instance, TimeCamp lets you record the hours worked with just one mouse click or using some project-specific keywords. Besides, it can automatically detect idle time and keep the history of users’ online activities.

But if you’re not ready to settle for TimeCamp just yet, regardless of its apparent merits, we have prepared a brief list of…

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While most businesses face similar challenges, each company has a unique approach to dealing with them. Work practices and management styles vary significantly from one organization to another. Hence, no business can benefit from using software that offers zero flexibility or low opportunities for customization.

actiTIME is a smart multifunctional hour tracker that does its best to meet the needs of as many companies as possible. Besides containing some robust features for project management and progress monitoring, it shows remarkable versatility of system settings and lets users adapt the available functionality to their specific workflows, structures and rules.

This article…


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