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Your ultimate guide to productivity and time management
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Time Doctor is an automatic time tracking and employee monitoring tool tailored for small and middle-sized teams. Time Doctor captures idle time, time spent in apps, chats, websites, calls and meetings, takes screenshots and provides managers with time and productivity reports. Along with that, it offers a simple scope management structure to distribute working hours across projects, clients and tasks.

Though Time Doctor is marketed as software that improves productivity, many users complain that it fails to deliver this and other benefits. For example, as long as this app tracks idle time, after a few minutes of inactivity time, it…

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With the fourth industrial revolution in progress, a high-tech approach to production management is no less than a norm. Many manufacturing businesses have already optimized their performance and increased output quality through smart control systems and automation. But organizational improvements should not stop on production process digitalization. For better outcomes, it’s vital to adopt a high-tech approach to team management too.

A good time tracking system is in handy in this regard. It makes resource management and progress monitoring more effective. By streamlining administrative activities, it can help your company save money and time while fostering deeper productivity analysis and…

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Created in 2006 for internal use at a small New York-based web design studio, Harvest has quickly become one of the leading competitors in the time tracking industry for many good reasons. Users praise it for decent time tracking functionality, insightful performance reports, robust invoicing features and many helpful integrations. Thanks to them and an intuitive interface, Harvest produces immense business value by enabling your team to manage revenues and utilize time in a better way.

Harvest has a big downside though — the price. If you run more than two projects and collaborate with at least one person in…

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Working harder and for longer hours can be an easy habit to slip into — especially during this pandemic when the lines between work and home are blurred. Nearly 70% of professionals who transitioned to remote work due to the pandemic say they now work on the weekends. And according to a survey by a staffing agency Robert Half, 45% say they frequently work more hours during the week than they did before.

Generally, it can be difficult to switch off at the end of the workday and stop thinking about your seemingly never-ending to-do list. So how can we…

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Large companies come in a variety of shapes and forms. But to be referred to as an enterprise, a business has to have a team of hundreds or thousands of individuals. It has to run many versatile activities simultaneously and support a plethora of different roles.

  • A typical enterprise comprises multiple departments at once, such as HR, marketing, financial and legal, to name a few.
  • More frequently than not, it carries out operations in several geographic locations.
  • And besides, its employees often collaborate across numerous time zones.

All these qualities emphasize an enterprise’s necessity for a centralized approach to process…

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There is a range of emergency situations a remote team may need to respond to. These could be directly related to your business, such as a service outage or cybersecurity breach, or something affecting individual employees, such as a power or internet interruption.

Organizing remote workers in a crisis can be challenging, especially if the emergency affects your communication. Having a plan in place will help you respond effectively when it matters most.

1. Contact Methods

Communication is one of the most common challenges remote teams face. As a result, a clear plan to communicate in a crisis is vital. …

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Managing churches and religious organizations take the same tools and skills as managing a small business. At their core, they function much like small businesses: they need to manage people and resources, maintain processes and infrastructure, hold events and gather donations, meaning they need software to automate these processes.

Churches and religious nonprofit organizations are usually interested in affordable software that could automate routine tasks and cover special needs be it event broadcasting or social media marketing. …

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The pandemic has shifted what we once thought of as the traditional workday. With one in four employees working from home in 2021, new commonplace methods of operation have produced an entirely new set of challenges for teams, especially for those companies that had not yet adopted remote work into their overall strategies. While some teams have been consistently productive throughout quarantine, it’s important to consider the effect that remote work can have on individual, first-time remote employees, and how a company’s strategy can adjust to accommodate those struggling employees.

Below we described some helpful ways to think about employee…

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PROJECT MILESTONES are an effective scheduling tool that helps teams to avoid critical project overruns and keep work progress on track. They mark significant events you intend to pass through at different stages in the project life cycle, be that the beginning of a new piece of job or the completion of a certain work phase. This way, milestones let you see whether everything is going as planned or if your project has gone astray at some point.

It’s possible to schedule and keep tabs on project milestones by using simple digital spreadsheets. However, for superior results, it’s worth adopting…

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Work management and project management seem to go hand-in-hand, right?

These two management methods share similar principles, which involve controlling timing and workflow so your employees can work as efficiently as possible. That way, you will end up with high-quality products to satisfy your customers and clients.

Both work management and project management are aimed at enabling high productivity with a structured system. Within these systems, your employees can focus on their work assignments and complete them by their required deadlines. …

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