actiTIME Custom Fields: New Feature for Flexible Task Management

3 min readOct 11, 2021


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No company is similar to another. Every team has a different approach to project management and may need to track some uncommon information that meets its unique interests and processes well.

That’s why standard project management software with a fixed set of features and data fields doesn’t always work for everyone. And that’s why actiTIME has acquired a long-awaited custom fields functionality that lets you log the required task data in any quantity and format.

Which types of data can you track with actiTIME’s custom fields for tasks?

  • Dates
  • Priorities
  • Codes
  • Project phases
  • Risk levels
  • Ticket numbers
  • Cost estimates
  • Budgets, etc.

Custom fields can log anything that makes sense to you, your team and your workflows. Besides, this functionality makes it easy to divide tasks into more meaningful categories, sort them in a convenient way and see how much time is tracked on the most relevant groups of tasks via the Custom Fields Report.

Let’s walk through a specific case to explore how it all works.

How to Use Custom Fields in actiTIME

Suppose you’re planning a new scope of work, and you need to tell your teammates which of the scheduled tasks are more critical than others and must be done first. In that case, you can create such a custom field as Priority and communicate all this vital info to colleagues with its help.

In addition, sorting your tasks by priority enables you to find the most urgent and important items in the task list much quicker. And for better control over resources throughout the project, you can run a detailed report and look at how much time is spent on work with different priority levels.

To make that happen, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Create a drop-down custom field that will enable you to select only one appropriate value from the list of alternatives (e.g., P1 — Major, P2 — Medium and P3 — Minor).
  2. Open the list of tasks and assign the necessary priority levels to them
  3. Log hours against these tasks in your timesheets
  4. Generate the Custom Fields Report to understand how much time is utilized on high- and low-priority work

Read our User Guide to learn more about setting your own custom fields for tasks and managing the Custom Fields Report in actiTIME.

Why Should You Use Custom Fields for Task Management?

actiTIME custom fields are an excellent tool for collecting non-standard task information that can’t be captured with a fixed set of software features. It offers a flexible and personalized approach to task data management and permits tracking time against some unique metrics that are crucial to you.

Custom fields can inform your business decisions through a more focused analysis of time tracking stats. So, don’t delay a perfect chance to enrich your task management experience with this new actiTIME functionality.

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