Automate Routine Tasks and Boost Efficiency with actiTIME API

4 min readJun 22, 2021
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If work efficiency is not just an abstract concept but a real problem and an actual goal for you, then you have to focus on high-value tasks and complete them without wasting any resources. Software-enabled automation is of immense help here: with such tools like actiTIME, you can monitor project progress, make invoices, calculate payroll, and keep track of your working time in an effortless, streamlined way.

But what if in-built software automation is not enough to make you efficient? What if you use multiple tools at once and are tired of constantly switching between them? What if you spend too much time on manual and duplicate data entry? In that case, Application Programming Interface or simply API is the best answer to your efficiency-boosting quest.

Let’s explore what it is and whether it’s something you need.

What Is API?

API serves as an intermediary between independent software tools, enabling them to interact with each other infallibly. You can see it as an interpreter for entities that speak different languages. Like a human translator who would help a Japanese and a Portuguese share a meaningful conversation, API links two or more diverse pieces of software and allows them to understand one another so that they exchange information smoothly and then act together to perform the required commands.

An additional perk of API is that it lets you supplement any software solution with new features without redesigning or rebuilding the system from scratch. Such API-enabled customization is one of the easiest ways to adjust a piece of software to your unique needs and workflows, make the most out of it and maximize your work efficiency.

Here Are Some Things You Can Do with actiTIME API:

  • Auto-export your project data from the time tracker to external software solutions, or vice versa.
  • Sync the creation and editing of diverse actiTIME entities — e.g., customers, projects, tasks, users — with specific actions performed in external tools. For example, you may create a task in an API-linked software solution, and a corresponding new task will be added to your actiTIME immediately.
  • Create your own customized reports or add some missing data sets and sections to the already existing ones.
  • Track working hours and modify timesheets without even opening your account. Just fill in the required details in an external app of choice, and they will travel to your actiTIME safely and quickly.

But there’s much more! The possibilities are limited merely by your imagination. As long as you have the capacity to apply API well, you can deftly turn actiTIME into a time tracker of your dreams.

You Will Benefit from API If…

  • You utilize multiple software solutions at once, and repetitive data entry eats up a huge portion of your working time.
  • You already sync actiTIME with other apps but need these integrations to be more flexible and trouble-free.
  • You feel like adding a few more sections to the existing actiTIME reports will level up your decision-making and make data analysis more convenient.
  • You like your actiTIME as it is but would like to personalize your account and align it with your workflows a bit better.

How to Apply API to Your actiTIME?

It’s easier to implement API when you have a profound knowledge of code and are familiar with programming as such. Those with enough time and resources to figure out all the technical intricacies are also bound to be more successful with this task.

But even if your means are somewhat limited yet the desire to gain the API-related benefits is strong, there are no reasons to worry! We have something that will make it less challenging for you to sync your actiTIME account with external apps, simplify data processing and increase work efficiency:

  • Check our comprehensive API documentation to explore your multiple options and get free tools for flexible software integration and other minor changes in actiTIME.
  • And if you want something more complex and extraordinary than everything this documentation offers, feel free to refer to our additional customization services. No matter how challenging your request may be, we’re always happy to help you fulfill it and make your actiTIME experience as delightful as it can be.




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