Best Work Breakdown Structure Tools for Your Business

5 min readNov 28, 2020

Project managers have their pick of top-notch Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) tools. The best software helps you keep your eye on the big picture no matter what project phase you’re in.

How do you know which tool is right for your team? The best WBS software takes away project stress by breaking down complex goals into smaller, navigable tasks. So, we prepared an overview of the best apps you can utilize to create a proper WBS for any of your projects. Have a look!

1. Lucidchart

A lack of design skills shouldn’t prevent you from creating top-notch diagrams for workplace collaborations. Lucidchart is the best way to communicate your project plans in the form of a well-laid flowchart.

Lucidchart is a platform-agnostic web app that includes an option to work offline. The web app comes with a wide range of templates to instantly breakdown your projects into smaller bite-sized pieces.

Choose between a free version and professional level subscription plans. This plug-and-play software helps you create professional diagrams while syncing your data with business apps like JIRA, Confluence, GitHub, Salesforce, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

2. upBOARD

Looking for a collaborative command center for your team? upBOARD is a piece of software that includes templates, data analytics, collaboration features, and visual dashboards.

Choose it if you’re looking for a simple method to manage strategy and innovation throughout your workplace projects. With your upBOARD subscription, you’ll have access to a vast free library of digital tools that offer strategy and execution templates for projects of all types.

Customize your upBOARD to tackle HR, sales, or other operational projects with your team.

3. Cacoo

Cacoo allows teams to collaborate in real time on visual projects. The web-based app includes tools to help teams share feedback, plan, brainstorm or present information from anywhere in the world.

You’ll find hundreds of templates for creating wireframes and mockups for development projects. One of the most convenient features of Cacoo is its ability to seamlessly integrate into your current productivity software.

Share documents using everything from Dropbox to Google Drive with embed links and sharing shortcuts included in every diagram.

3. GoodDay

If you’re looking for a full service online productivity tool for companies of all sizes, consider using GoodDay as your WBS tool. GoodDay allows you to set up multiple workspaces to manage overall projects or assign tasks to specific employees. This piece of software is built on the principles of positive psychology to help managers oversee employee productivity without the need to micromanage.

Some of the best features in GoodDay include its ability to generate automatic reports, boost business intelligence, track time, and offer email and calendar integrations.

4. Easy Projects

Large organizations can benefit from the Easy Projects’ project planning functionality. The software tool allows larger teams to manage multiple projects at once using its special enterprise features.

Easy Projects includes Gantt charts, task management and automatic rescheduling when a dependent task isn’t completed. This helps teams remain on track without the need for constant meetings throughout the life cycle of a project.

There’s no trial option and the monthly cost per user might prove a heavy lift for startup companies. But if you’re looking for software that allows you to manage a large amount of employee activity at a glance, Easy Projects is one of the best tools for creating the WBS.

5. OpenProject

OpenProject brings the best of the Agile, Kanban and Scrum workflow tools. Share timelines with your team in real time while getting the fast feedback you need to keep development cycles short.

You can prioritize a sprint backlog and estimate stories based on past project data. OpenProject offers client-facing tools that help you track present product roadmaps to stakeholders.

OpenProject outshines other task management software in its ability to analyze and predict deadlines based on your activity throughout the life cycle of a project.

6. Plan Hammer

Plan Hammer is all about the big picture. You dump ideas into a new project without setting up customization details on the front end. Come back when you’re ready to add color coding or team members to a project once the idea begins to take shape. This flexibility is one of the key features of Plan Hammer.

Its Agile friendly interface combines with traditional task management to help you see the big picture while you work. An added feature with Plan Hammer’s task manager is the ability to foresee and minimize risks.

7. Creately

The Creately platform prides itself on allowing you to map out your ideas and create the WBS in just a few seconds. It’s one of the most popular tools for visual planning because it’s easy to use and present to remote teams.

There are special features available for educators, human resource professionals, marketing, product and engineering teams. Each team can collaborate visually as if they were in the same room.

8. Hyper Plan

Say goodbye to wall-mounted post-it notes and hello to Hyper Plan. Hyper Plan’s visual planning functionality uses the Kanban task management system to help you color code and organize tasks with your team.

It’s one of the most flexible charts for planning because it allows you to shift priorities instantly by reorganizing your color-coded tasks. Layout cards in rows or columns using one swift mouse click.

9. TeamGantt

TeamGantt is one of the popular tools for teams that prefer Gantt charts for planning. You can use it to coordinate, schedule, and manage your projects online. Plus, the Gantt chart is perfect for creating a very detailed project WBS.

The cost of software is hard to beat with a robust free version available for organizations of all sizes. Invite clients to collaborate for feedback or to simply provide updates on deliverables.

Bonus Tool: actiTIME

Looking for a time tracking solution that provides an easy way to identify project scope, plan workloads, manage tasks and track time? Try actiTIME for free.

This convenient software analyzes your business performance based on the data it collects while you use it. From startups to enterprises, actiTIME helps companies simplify daily operations while creating more productive teams.

Budgeting for Work Breakdown Structure Tools

Companies of all sizes can benefit from the high tech project management features of these top WBS tools. But the cost per user is one of the biggest factor startups should consider when using mobile apps to manage teams.

Small businesses and startups won’t get trial options on many of the WBS software products designed for enterprise-level collaboration. Start with an app that includes a free trial so you can sample the service before signing up.

For more information or to try the actiTIME time tracking software for free, sign up today.




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