Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Best SaaS Deals 2020

6 min readNov 26, 2020
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For any keen shopper, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the favorite days of the year. But even the most conscious and stingiest of consumers (them especially) can’t deny the enormous benefits these two shopping events provide. They give everyone a chance to take massive advantage of plentiful discounts, either big or small, and let an endless stream of special deals carry you away to the land of splendid buys.

This short period at the interchange of the seasons is a perfect time to grab something useful for yourself. And what’s more useful than a pair of software tools that can help your team and business thrive, showing better work results and exceptional performance efficiency? So, here’s our list of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday SaaS offers you can find out there in 2020. Don’t miss an opportunity to purchase some excellent software products at an incredibly low price!

1. Time Tracking — actiTIME

Time tracking is the key to flawless time management and the first-rate recipe for high productivity. Luckily, with such a tool as actiTIME, you can master this essential practice without a hitch. Plus, actiTIME includes functionality for workload planning, task management and data reporting. These features make an extra value for anyone who wants to keep their team and work both perfectly organized and well-supervised.

Cyber Monday Deal: 30% off ALL actiTIME products and app upgrades
Duration: November 30 — December 2
Discount Code: CYBERMONDAY

For more details on this offer, click here.

2. Employee Leave Management — actiPLANS

Staff is the most important business asset. Thus, to ensure excellent performance and attain desired results, you have to take care of your employees. One of the best ways to do so is by managing their leave requests as accurately and efficiently as possible, and with actiPLANS — a smart absence management system — this task turns into a child’s play. The app enables users to send and approve time-off requests in a streamlined fashion. Besides, it provides managers with a thorough overview of team availability for enhanced workforce planning.

Cyber Monday Deal: 30% off ALL actiPLANS products and app upgrades
Duration: November 30 — December 2
Discount Code: CYBERMONDAY

3. HR Management — HR Partner

No business is capable of attaining superior performance outcomes without an effective approach to HR management. And if you want to handle it just right, HR Partner is your go-to product. Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, this app streamlines talent recruitment, enhances employee onboarding and does so much more. HR Partner helps you attend to nearly all of your staff needs and, thereby, keeps your business competitive.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off the HR Partner subscription for life
Duration: The offer is valid until December 12
Discount Code: Start a free trial and use BLACKFRIDAY2020 as the discount code

4. Invoicing — InvoiceBerry

The way you manage your invoices defines how promptly and accurately you are paid for work. And there’s no better method to make invoice management efficient and effortless than by adopting a smart piece of invoicing software, such as InvoiceBerry. An intuitive and easy-to-use app, InvoiceBerry helps you create error-free invoices and send them to the right addressees with merely several clicks. Plus, it has cost tracking functionality and, thus, lets you keep your expenses and earnings under control.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off all the InvoiceBerry plans for 6 months
Duration: The deal is already on, and it expires on December 3
Discount Code: None. The discount is up for grabs on this page

5. Project Management — Freedcamp

Successful project management involves a lot of things: work planning, progress tracking, communication and data analysis. Thanks to Freedcamp, you can tackle each of these project management issues all at once within a single software platform. As a multifunctional tool, Freedcamp has features for task organization, performance monitoring, team collaboration and more. It’s all you need to drive team productivity and revenues in your business.

Black Friday Deal: Up to 59% off the Enterprise Lite and Business plans
Duration: November 27 — December 1
Discount Code: There’s no coupon code. You can purchase Freedcamp at a lower price here

6. Team Collaboration — Chanty

These days, most of us work remotely and don’t have that many opportunities to meet in person. However, collaboration remains a huge part of everyday professional reality. Therefore, the value of a good tool for team communication is hard to overestimate, and Chanty falls into this category just naturally. Chanty is a quality chat app with functionality for task management and file sharing. You can use it to make audio and video calls, exchange voice messages and organize your work on the Kanban board. Overall, if you’re looking for a perfect alternative to Slack, it’s high time to give Chanty a try.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off the annual Business plan
Duration: November 27 — November 30
Discount Code: Follow this link to acquire Chanty at a special price. No discount code required

7. Proposal Management — Better Proposals

Businesses have plenty of reasons to invest in proposal management. Successful proposals open doors to fruitful partnerships, help to sell products or ideas and attract the right professionals your way. In other words, effective proposal management is vital, and Better Proposals is ready to assist you with excelling in it. Use this app to create beautiful and compelling proposals in a matter of minutes and track your prospects’ responses with no trouble at all.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off the Premium and Enterprise plans
Duration: November 27 — November 30
Discount Code: No discount code is required. To make use of the deal, visit this page

8. Maintenance Management — MaintainX

As a diligent team leader, you probably aspire to attain your productivity goals and keep the workflows running smoothly. In that case, you have to track business assets and perform maintenance operations in a well-ordered fashion. Such a task may sound like a chore, but MaintainX makes working on it a breeze. This smart software app fosters a seamless approach to breakdown and preventive maintenance. Moreover, it enables you to control all the safety and quality inspections with ease.

Black Friday Deal: 30% off all the essential and premium plans for 12 months
Duration: The offer is now live and expires on November 27
Discount Code: BLACKFRIDAY2020 (if you already use MaintainX, click here)

9. SEO Management — Netpeak Software

More quality website traffic means higher brand awareness and a larger number of paying customers — and that’s what proper SEO management always results in. The good news: a tool that’s meant to lead all your SEO endeavors to success does exist, and its name is Netpeak Software. In fact, it’s more than just one tool. Netpeak Software is a suite of apps for website audit, link analysis, SEO planning and many other activities you may be daily engaged in as a webmaster or a marketing wizard.

Black Friday Deal: 60% off all the Netpeak Spider, Netpeak Checker and Owlymate plans
Duration: November 20 — December 5
Discount Code: NSoftBlackFriday20 (to activate the code, follow this link)

10. Personal Data Processing — Axeptio

When running an online business, protecting your website visitors’ personal data and compliance with relevant legal regulations are always a big concern. However, with Axeptio, handling this issue is not only effortless but also fun. It doesn’t take more than five simple steps to create a fully customized form for collecting newsletter and cookie consents in this user-friendly piece of compliance software. And the app’s playful interface design is a guarantee you’re never bored in the process.

Cyber Monday Deal: 30% off the yearly subscription
Duration: November 20 — December 3
Discount Code: ActimindxAxeptio-BlackFriday (to activate the coupon, visit this page)

11. Email Marketing — SalesHandy

Regardless of whether you run your business online or offline, email marketing is your key to better customer engagement and higher revenues. And to manage any email campaign well — track its progress, evaluate success and follow up on message recipients — you can utilize SalesHandy. This tool is a real prize for every sales manager and marketer. It helps you plan email outreach and attain higher email deliverability. With SalesHandy, your emails will get clicked on, opened, read and replied to more frequently than ever before.

Cyber Monday Deal: Up to 60% off the annual subscription
Duration: November 20 — November 29
Discount Code: To get the discount, visit this page and sign up. No coupon code required




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