Choosing the Best Business Management Software for Mac

4 min readDec 21, 2020


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Choosing a business management software for mac is a lot like shopping for clothes — one-size does not fit all.

But that’s why we’re here to help you find the best fit for you. Keep reading to find out what business management software is and how to choose a business management software. Then we’ll show you our list of top management software options.

Let’s begin!

1. actiTIME

actiTIME is a cloud-based software that deals with project time management. This software lets you track and communicate your employees’ progress and the hours you work. A great asset to have when managing overtime and bookkeeping. You can also manage your deadlines and billing reports all within the program.

Online timesheet interface in actiTIME where every user can select task parameters they want to see in their timesheets

actiTIME offers complete integration with QuickBook and includes other AI capabilities like data comparison and cost analysis.

This software is perfect for building teamwork and handling all types of projects. It’s also unique in terms of its free subscription package.

2. Vcita

Originally a scheduling platform, Vcita has become an all in one business management and client engagement app. Created with the intent of helping grow small businesses, this software is perfect for start-ups or businesses looking to build their base.

It’s also great for small businesses because of its user-friendly system. You can manage CRM, schedules, online payments, and campaigns all from the app.

3. Qlik Sense

If you’re processing a lot of data, and need lots of visualizations, then Qlik Sense is the software for you.

Its cloud-based system allows you to share visualizations with other people anytime and anywhere. This platform’s big focus is data. Qlik Sense supports data exploration, documentation, visualization, and many types of spreadsheets. It uses BI services to help source data and boasts a simplified user space.

4. ServiceM8

Service M8 is a specialized field management app that’s built for smaller businesses.

This software is aimed at supporting the trade and technology industries. You’ll love this platform’s powerful cloud technology and intuitiveness when it comes to streamlining work. Key features include invoice management, customer management, safety reports, and much more.

5. simPRO

simPRO was created by trade contractors for trade contractors. What makes this software unique is its multi-stage project quoting tool. This allows you to keep track of pricing and budgeting throughout the entire project. Other great features include inventory management, direct communication with technicians, and mobile capabilities.

This affordable job management platform will have your workflow productivity reaching new heights. Great for people new to business management software as it offers in-depth training for all its subscribers.

6. Multiview Financial Software

Multiview is a top-notch financial software that can support businesses of all sizes. Its goal is to create seamless communication between all the complexities of business operations. This cloud software hosts financial modules that handle financial reporting as well as budgeting and forecasting.

It also offers more finance specific functions like purchase orders and fixed asset accounting. What’s useful about this platform is its open API framework, allowing it to integrate with your companies existing software.


The perfect ERP software for mid-size companies, aACE offers the simplicity and cost of smaller platform packages but with the strength to support complex operations.

One of it’s biggest features is its CRM software. With CRM you can manage relations with not only the customers but with vendors and partners. You can even track quotes and hold a complete view of your company’s relationships. It also offers accounting, scheduling, inventory, and production management.

8. KPI FinTech

Kpi operates through a series of applications rather than one big software. This makes supporting all the departments of a company easier. Kpi offers management platforms for accounting and finance, human resources, sales and marketing, payroll and benefits, and project management.

This also gives the platform extreme scalability and the ability to integrate with existing software. Ideal for companies of any size.

9. WinWeb

WinWeb is like the buffet of software for businesses. This management platform allows you to pick and choose which modules you want, and then only pay for those modules. This makes it an excellent choice for smaller businesses.

With features like invoice tracking, stock control, and financials visuals, this is a great platform for the retail and hospitality industries. It even has private messaging and the ability to personalize customer profiles.

10. Talygen

Talygen is an advanced project management dashboard that’s able to work with small and large businesses. This project management tool strives to process and make project information useable faster. Features include time tracking, CRM, expense tracking, invoicing, ticketing, and other business processes.

You can take this platform anywhere as it allows you to work from a computer as well as a mobile phone.

The Best Software for Mac

One of the latest software features of business management is the ability to build workflow and increase communication. Two essential ingredients you need to grow your business, and that’s why we suggest the platforms above. Whether you’re looking at software for Mac, or any operating system, these platforms can help you.

We hope you found this article helpful. Here at actiTIME, we strive to educate and be as helpful as possible. So if you have any questions, take a look at our blog or contact us for more information about business management software!




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