Employee Attendance App:
A Great Way to Make Your Team’s Life a Whole Lot Easier

Attendance management systems have been around for a long time, and can vary wildly from the most rudimentary stuff like punch cards and sign in logs, to more advanced and costly solutions based on RFID technology or biometrics.

And when it comes to tracking employee attendance, some modern companies tend to brush these systems off (often rightfully so) as either too expensive or overly intrusive and controlling, choosing instead to rely on their management personnel to keep their teams under control. Others don’t see any value in tracking attendance at all, trusting their employees to be actually present at work when they’re supposed to.

Keeping It Simple

Working in the IT field, we naturally have an attitude towards attendance tracking that’s a bit more progressive. It’s an important part of our business process of course, but obviously not to the extent of installing retina scanners on every door around the office, and checking our folks’ fingerprints at the gate (we feel like it would be a little bit too extreme). So, we needed a solution that would combine the necessary attendance management functionality with accessibility and ease of use, while keeping people’s privacy in mind. And that’s basically how actiPLANS and its mobile companion came to be.

These days the application is an essential part of our workflow. So much so that if you asked anyone here they’d be hard pressed to remember the last time they had to actually call or email their coworkers to inform them of their absence. Whenever any of us needs to pop out of office for an hour or two for a doctor’s appointment or to pick up kids from school, we just put a quick note in the mobile app and everyone on the team receives a notification.

Or let’s take a look at another (very real) example. We can all agree that putting a meeting together can often be frustrating enough by itself. Everyone’s on a different schedule, everyone has things to do. Add to that the fact that some of the participants are guaranteed to not be at the office right when you need them, and you’ve got yourself one hell of an organizational nightmare. With the mobile we can sidestep this sort of issue pretty easily: just pull up a list of everyone who’s not at their desk at the moment and see when they’ll be coming in. Put simply, if they’re in the office, they have no excuse to skip your VERY IMPORTANT meeting!

What Works for You

Of course, what works for us won’t necessarily work for every other business. Obviously, every company has it its own approach to managing the attendance of its employees. For some it’s an obvious necessity and an essential part of their workflow, others are less enthusiastic about it considering how costly or difficult to set up it can be. actiPLANS and its mobile application offer an excellent middle ground — it won’t cost you a fortune, it’s unintrusive and it provides just the right amount of functionality to keep absence management simple and straightforward.



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