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Construction management is tough. You have a lot to juggle. For instance, you must manage job costs and budgets and also report on your progress. You must also oversee field crews and subcontractors. Furthermore, you need to manage schedules, materials, and equipment to keep everything on track.

Like project management applications, software for construction companies can help you to manage these many moving parts. However, the following software works particularly well for the construction industry. If you’re concerned with the cost of software, this resource is just what you need. To learn more about free construction management software, keep reading.

1. actiTIME

actiTIME is a software program that can help you to create in-depth construction projects. You can use it to assign work and record hours. With actiTIME, you can keep everything moving along as planned.

The actiTIME platform can empower your construction firm with detailed data. It will enable you to run reports on productivity, profits, losses, and evaluate other important aspects of keeping your construction project on point.

When considering options for software, using technology to reign in staffing costs is a great place to start. A program such as actiTIME can help you to keep project costs under control.

You can use actiTIME’s intuitive interface to analyze employee performance. Furthermore, you can compare that information to your project costs forecast to ensure everything is on time and within budget.

actiTIME is very robust, integrated well into your business process, and most importantly, helps you focus on your business instead of monkeying around with technology. actiTIME has reduced our payroll processing from 4–6 hours per week to 45 minutes per week.


SINC is a mobile workforce management platform. It allows you to gather information in the field and send it straight to your back-office.

You can use it to schedule employees, create projects, and assign tasks. It also enables you to record hours worked and keep track of other important expenses.

The SINC platform enables you to create comprehensive reports for payroll and project costs quickly. You can use that data to inform future job quotes.

3. Fieldwire

Fieldwire is a digital meeting ground for your entire construction team. You can use the program to work from project schematics and assign tasks. From foremen to project managers, the platform helps your organization to collaborate in real-time.

The program allows you to create schedules for upcoming jobs. You can also use it to keep track of what works in the field so that you can repeat best practices during future projects.

4. BuildBook

With BuildBook, you can manage residential projects efficiently. The program can help you to promote customer satisfaction. It can also help you communicate with your team and win more contracts.

The application serves as a centralized companywide clearinghouse for project information. It makes it easier for you to manage multiple teams and projects.

5. Fizure

The Fizure construction management program helps to cut down on repetitive data entry. For example, you can use it to manage budgets. The program allows subcontractors to enter information, which it uses automatically to create budget projections.

With the program, you’ll know if you’re on track to turn a profit from a project — from start to finish. You can use the program to keep control of your finances without turning into a full-time data entry clerk.

6. Safesite

The Safesite platform is a safety management system program. You can use the centralized dashboard to assess risk management for your construction project. You can also conduct paperless safety inspections, audits, and checklists on-the-go.

You can also use a program to access telemedicine for any on-site injuries. It also allows you to monitor and manage equipment inspections.

7. Sitemate

Sitemate enables you to create or convert your business processes into one-click actions. The program’s Dashpivot software allows you to digitalize and optimize standard processes easily. You can also use it to automate the way you store, manage, and act on information using management software.

For example, you can take advantage of the program’s automated registers and calculations. You can also create automated workflows and notifications. Furthermore, you can find vital records using management software features such as one-click search.

8. LetsBuild

LetsBuild enables you to see everything that’s happening in one place. It allows you to connect all your important project data into a single dashboard. You can use LetsBuild to keep track of the changes and progress of your construction projects.

With the program, you can stay informed about schedule updates in real-time. You can also prevent errors and delays by easily spotting abnormalities using the program.

9. Slenke

The Slenke platform enables you to organize assets, workflows, and tasks. You can manage your projects using convenient project boards and workload calendars. With them, you can see project timelines and create customized project workflows.

The program enables you to do away with endless chains of emails and messy spreadsheets. It also allows you to stay in touch with your team with encrypted in-app messaging and file sharing.

10. actiPLANS

With actiPLANS, you can streamline staffing absence management. The program helps you to do away with email requests for absentee approvals. It also allows you to capture a full overview of available company resources.

For example, you can use the program to keep an eye on upcoming employee leaves. You can also use it to calculate and track workers’ paid time off balances.

11. Contractor Workzone

Contractor Workzone is a straightforward, customizable cloud construction management program. You can use it to run your firm from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. It can enable you to digitize your team’s workflow quickly and easily.

The program makes it easier for you to manage your full range of staff members and subcontractors. When you need help with the program, you can access support tutorials right in the app.

Level Up Your Firm With Construction Management Software!

Now you know more about construction management software. If you’re ready to start testing the waters of automation, you can begin with effective employee management.

actiTIME can help you to create detailed projects and assign important tasks to team members. From the start, everyone will know exactly what they’re supposed to do. actiTIME is the key to staying on top of project activity and assets.

Get rid of bottlenecks and improve efficiency today. Sign up for a free demo of actiTIME to learn how our technology can help you to create the best version of your construction firm.



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