Get Rid of Inbox Clutter
with Email Management Tools

Spam, newsletters, coworkers’ email threads you’ve been copied on “just in case” … Inbox clutter is what demotivates us and ruins our productivity. So is it possible to spend less time on your emails without negative effects on your communication with colleagues and clients? Email management tools help you get rid of email overload, prioritize your workflow, and organize your communication in an efficient way.

1. Hiver

Hiver is an inbox organizer with many helpful inbox management, scheduling and collaboration features. It allows you to manage shared email accounts directly from Gmail, work on your email flow together with your colleagues, assign emails as tasks, apply statuses, share email drafts, and set up reminders to schedule your future communications. Hiver is available as a free edition for up to 3 users and 10 conversations a day, and as paid Plus and Enterprise versions with advanced integration, automation and reporting features.

2. Boomerang

The tool offers a complex approach to developing email productivity: write better emails, schedule meetings with just one email, schedule emails to be sent out later, be informed when your email has been read, and get notified when the recipient is not responding to send a follow-up. The app includes schedules in emails to share availability time slots and plan meetings, tracks readability of your emails, and allows you to set up reminders. An Android app is also available that helps you manage your inbox from a mobile device.

3. The Email Game

Another tool from the developers of Boomerang: a gamified email management app. When you receive an email, you get several action options (reply now, schedule for replying later, or skip), and three minutes. If you don’t do anything with the email within this time period, you lose points. An easy trick, but it works for many users who report increased productivity in their daily communications.

4. Unroll.Me

This app is designed for automatically organizing and categorizing emails. Get rid of spam and other junk emails, organize your favorite subscriptions by categories, and manually check emails that you might consider useful. Unroll.Me saves a lot of time by releasing you from manual sorting and unsubscribing. The authors also offer an app for iOS that helps you enjoy working with incoming mail from your mobile devices.

5. Sortd

Your inbox wasn’t meant to be a to-do list, as the developers emphasize. And yet, most to-dos come from emails. Sortd offers a way to organize the inbox in such a way that nothing important gets lost. It is an app that runs in Gmail and allows you to sort emails by lists: to-dos, follow-ups, reply later, etc. Prioritize your communications with simple drag-and-drop. The app creates a workspace where you have all to-dos, conversations, and priorities.

6. FollowUpThen

FollowUpThen is a simple email reminder. It works by just sending and forwarding emails at [any time]@followupthen. By sending reminders to your future self, you prioritize and organize your communication, preventing forgetfulness and improving work efficiency. As the tool is email-based, it works from anywhere: Gmail, Outlook, mobile email clients, etc. Autocomplete feature provides you with popular FollowUpThen reminder formats so that you get more out of the app.

7. Complete

Complete helps you compose emails two times faster. It analyzes your previous communications, builds a personal list of autosuggestions and stores it in your profile. When you type the text of a new email, Complete offers accurate autocomplete suggestions from the personalized list, speeding up your work. Complete is a Chrome extension, so it works for email accounts you’re using via the web browser. You can get it for free from the Chrome web store.

8. Mailstrom

Mailstrom, as the developer states, is designed to amplify your human intelligence instead of applying artificial intelligence algorithms. The app works simply but efficiently: it identifies related emails and helps you manage them as a bundle. Protect your inbox from spam, unsubscribe from mailing lists in just one click, and never allow email clutter rob you of your time.

9. ActiveInbox

Turn emails into tasks, add due dates and create reminders: ActiveInbox is designed for busy professionals to speed up their work. The tool offers functions that help you get replies: set up follow-up reminders to avoid forgetting about an unreplied email, and use ‘Send later’ function: many emails get ignored just because of a wrong timing, so schedule your messages to be delivered at the perfect time.

10. Nudgemail

Nudgemail is a simple email reminder service. It helps create reminders for specific dates and times, as well as recurring (hourly, daily, weekly etc.) ones. To create a reminder, just send a command to the service. The app also keeps history of your reminders and allows to delete unnecessary items from it.

11. Nylas Mail

Nylas Mail is a tool that provides an insight into who your contacts are, helps you personalize your inbox, and speed up communication workflow. How does it work? The app adds details on location and career of the people you communicate with, tracks communication activity, and analyzes interest to the content of your emails. Besides, it offers email templates, translation options, and color themes for your inbox. And it has “undo send” feature that many would find really helpful.

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