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Daily time tracking can decrease productivity leaks by 80 percent. Time tracking software GitLab is one example of this. GitLab time tracking integrations allows you to monitor issue time estimates. Plus, you can record time spent on individual issues and merge requests within the application itself.

These integrations allow for easy and accurate billing, allowing for more time to be spent on what actually matters. Keep reading to learn about eight of the best GitLab time tracking integrations available to project managers!

1. actiTIME

actiTIME integrates easily with your existing project management tools.

This app allows project managers to control project scope in daily operations. From large scale themes to small scale details, it’s quick and easy to keep projects in line.

actiTIME makes it easy to assign tasks, track time per project, and analyze business performance based on data collected. The app tracks billable time per customer, as well as non-productive hours.

Managing remote teams and reviewing performance is effortless, as well. actiTIME boasts simple timekeeping and payment calculations for both contractors and hourly workers. This means keeping track of staff does not require extended efforts.

2. DueFocus

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GitLab time tracking integrations for DueFocus has various components that can benefit project management for any small business.

It focuses most on differentiating time spent on various projects. This is beneficial for employees that often shift between projects.

Project managers can track activity levels, create online timesheets, and review employee payments and invoicing. This is in addition to advanced reporting features.

One especially helpful aspect of the DueFocus app is its “overspent mode.” This will continue to track time spent on a project even if it has exceeded the estimated time.

You can also use a “cold start” feature, where you track time first and assign it to a project afterward.


Hubstaff focuses on making time tracking as simple and autonomous as possible. This way, project managers can focus more on doing the actual work than tracking it.

This app has seamless GitLab time tracking integrations, making it easy to track due dates and issues. It is especially useful for overseeing multiple staff members and where they dedicate their time.

Hubstaff has various helpful features. This includes payroll (either manual or automatic), screenshots, app/URL tracking, and invoicing.

The app automatically tracks activity percentages, as well. This way, you know what your team is really doing when working on GitLab issues.

4. DeskTime

GitLab time tracking integrations with DeskTime automatically import projects and issues. From there, it is easy to time track issues. Project managers can go back and analyze productivity, costs, and other areas when reporting.

DeskTime really focuses on organization, so that project managers can have the most control over their work. They can see which employees are working on which tasks, how much time has been spent, etc.

The nice thing about DeskTime is its automated nature. This pairs well with GitLab — both tools really work as one unit.

There is no need to worry about losing projects when adding information from one app to another. Everything is automatically imported. It also imports costs, so you can keep track of time and budgets easily.

5. Monitask

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Monitask focuses most on employee monitoring for project managers.

You can view on screen tasks and activities, as well as apps and websites visited by employees. Timekeeping information is easily available, as well.

GitLab time tracking integrations are automated with the use of Zapier. It will effortlessly sync the information you need to keep your team on track.

Plus, if you have other project management tools in addition to GitLab you can integrate them here to streamline workflows.

Integrating Monitask with GitLab makes it easy to view employee screenshots, activity, apps, and clicks.

6. Weekly Timelog

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Weekly Timelog is a time tracker made specifically for developers. It tracks team progress and keeps projects on budget.

Weekly Timelog automatically tracks your work, so you can go back and review it weekly rather than obsess over it daily.

The process is simple once GitLab time tracking integrations are complete. You do your coding work, and then go back later and confirm the time spent on projects. This is converted into a real timesheet in less than five minutes.

This is really helpful for companies where there may not be a big HR team to keep track of these things. These programs allow employees to focus on coding, rather than billing.

7. Everhour

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Everhour also integrates with GitLab, through the use of Zapier. This makes it simple to budget, invoice clients, and manage payroll.

Everhour is especially useful as it provides a very streamlined project dashboard. You can organize by client, and easily see the budget (both time and money), progress, what has been spent, and what remains. Plus, each individual project has its own board to review the specifics and manage individual tasks.

The dashboard also shows what employees are working on each project.

Everhour produces simple timesheets with clocks in and out, breaks, and time off displayed.

8. Harvest

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The Harvest app is unique as it provides valuable business insights in addition to time and expense tracking. This makes it easy for project managers to dive deeper into their team’s time dedications.

This app also integrates through the use of Zapier. It helps keep projects on track, by providing visual reporting to help provide insights on your team.

With Harvest, it is easy to turn billable time and expenses into invoices and send them directly to clients.

Consider GitLab Time Tracking Integrations for Your Projects

Integrating time tracking applications into your GitLab workflow can help keep teams on track, on time, and on budget. It makes the lives of project managers that much easier — so they can focus on the work that really matters.

Request a demo to see how GitLab time tracking integrations can work for your business!

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