How actiPLANS Integrations Improve Resource Management

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Effective leave management is core to better control over business resources. However, it’s only a part of the equation — to achieve success, you have to check how your employees dispose of all their time, including working hours and days off.

The question is: how to manage your team’s time well and ensure high business productivity in the meanwhile? For this to happen, you might need to apply more than one software solution — and that’s where actiPLANS integrations come in handy:

  • Our absence management software can be synced with actiTIME — a multifunctional time tracker for easy progress monitoring and in-depth performance analysis.

Read this article to explore the benefits of these actiPLANS integrations, learn what makes them remarkable and understand how to set them up in a few simple steps.

What Is actiTIME?

actiTIME is a user-friendly timesheet solution with plenty of useful features for business management. It lets you:

  • Track time for tasks in the browser or the mobile app

In sum, while actiPLANS helps you keep tabs on employees’ absences, actiTIME is perfect for handling everything they do during their working hours. Together, these software tools give you much better control over business resources and let you see how your workers utilize their time throughout the employment period.

actiTIME Integration Benefits

  • Better analysis — actiTIME provides a wealth of insightful data: time-track for tasks, overtime statistics, billable hours, met or unmet estimates, etc. In combination with time off stats from actiPLANS, it creates a complete picture of the use of time by your employees. Refer to it to enhance the analysis of team productivity and workforce capacity in your business.

How to integrate actiPLANS with actiTIME

It doesn’t take much time or effort to activate this handy integration and start enjoying all the benefits it provides:

  • Make sure you have accounts in both solutions (and if you don’t, click here to sign up for a free actiTIME trial)

What Is iCal?

iCal is an open standard digital file format that stores such calendar-based info as holidays and events. It allows for an easy and 100% streamlined exchange of data between different apps via the so-called iCal feeds — computer files and URLs used to export and import information.

It’s possible to sync actiPLANS with any online calendar that supports the iCal format. More precisely, you can:

  • Export your corporate schedule to a web-based calendar of choice

iCal Integration Benefits

  • Greater visibility — iCal allows for seeing your team’s time off data right in your favorite online calendar (there’s no need to open your actiPLANS account for that at all). Besides, all the changes in employees’ absence schedules — their new leave requests and approved days off — get automatically reflected in the synced calendar too, making it effortless to stay up to date with employees’ vacation plans.

For more information on how to create iCal feeds and configure them, please check out our User Guide.

In Conclusion

The integration with actiTIME and online calendars is just one of many reasons to start using actiPLANS. Besides them, our absence tracker offers:

  • Insightful time off reports and charts

Start your free 30-day trial now to check them all out in practice!



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