How to Find Efficient Contractor Time Tracking Software

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inding the right tools that will free up your time and make your business more efficient is valuable in the contracting and architecture industry. If you’re frustrated with timesheets and expense tracking on paper or losing important documents and chasing down invoices, architecture and contractor time tracking apps may be precisely what you need.

Finding ways to automate tedious business functions is an excellent investment for generating long-term results and improving your business. If you’re interested in the top eight-time tracking tools that can help you track worked time, accrued expenses, invoices, and other essential tasks, this article is a must-read.

1. actiTIME

When it comes to tracking work hours, managing sick leave, and keeping everything in one user-friendly place, actiTIME is top of the line. The reporting functions allow you to create detailed documents for management and accountants, and you can even personalize charts to allow for easy analysis.

The software allows for flexible task management, user setting options, and work scheduling capabilities to make this option ideal for any business size. Users can record all worked time, leave comments with status updates, and even submit for a day off! Time management is easy and flawless with the right tools in place.

Additionally, if overtime is a concern, actiTIME automatically monitors hours and allows employees to enter data manually. Your summary reports will enable you to keep track of employees eligible for overtime and cloud functionality to allow you to quickly and securely transfer data across different platforms. Try actiTIME free for 30-days to see if it’s the right fit!

2. Jibble

When it comes to tracking your staff and managing payroll for efficient attendance and compliance, Jibble is a great, easy-to-use option. Staff can clock their time on mobile devices, and you can create automated timesheets for easy reporting.

3. ClockShark

For contractor time tracker and scheduling software, Clockshark is built for construction and field service personnel to allow for easy time and payroll maintenance. To get a quick and accurate look at job costs and be rid of traditional timesheets to keep business owners and accountants happy, this is an excellent option.

4. Elorus

If you’re looking for an online contractor time tracking app with billing capabilities, Elorus is designed to help businesses with a variety of employees to keep things organized. The interactive dashboard keeps you informed as you track hours, payments, and bills, so you always know where you stand financially.

5. Deputy

Time tracking software for architects and contractors is unique since the work schedule is based on specific client needs. Deputy is an easy way to look at all schedules and shifts in one place to focus on finding solutions to everyday business concerns. This software’s core functions are creating an employee database, a list of active locations, and reporting capabilities.

6. BigTime Software

Finding the right contractor timesheet app helps when you look for options that offer billing solutions specifically designed to help professionals in the contracting and architecture fields. BigTime integrates time tracking, expense management, workflow maintenance, invoices, billing, and more.

7. Homebase

Homebase may be the right fit for those looking for employee scheduling software with various useful features and an interface that’s easy to navigate. This contractor time tracking software seamlessly integrates with other software and comes with error tracking and labor law compliance features that help you monitor everything in one place.

8. CakeHR by Sage

If you’re looking for a multi-dimensional time tracking software, CakeHR collects data from multiple channels, so all employee content is all provided in one place. You can create a personalized dashboard to automate tasks and promote workflow.

How to Find the Time Tracking Software

When it comes to finding the right time tracking software, it can help first figure out what items you need help with specifically. Do you need to manage multiple contracting teams at different locations? Do you need help keeping track of architecture invoices and scheduling your upcoming jobs?

Whatever it is that you need help keeping track of and whatever tasks are taking up most of your time, there is a software solution out there!

For more informative articles about tracking worked time and how to make the most of your time management software, check out our blog! To request a demo or get a free trial of actiTIME, learn more about us!

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