How to Get More from Your actiTIME with Zapier Integration

What Is Zapier?

  • Decide which apps you want to connect and proceed to create a Zap (i.e., a piece of automated workflow).
  • Choose a trigger and an action for your Zap (i.e., an event that starts the automated workflow and an event that results from that).
  • Configure preferred parameters for both the trigger and the action.
  • Test the Zap, activate it and enjoy the streamlined work process.

What Can You Do with Zapier?

1. actiTIME + Jira to sync the creation of tasks and issues

2. actiTIME + Google Drive to create centralized data folders for projects

3. actiTIME + Gmail to send automatic notifications to your team

  • Make a Zap where New Task / New Project / New Customer in actiTIME is a trigger and Send Email in Gmail is an action.
  • Configure the trigger (e.g., choose which project or customer new tasks should belong to, etc.).
  • Configure the action: add email recipients, specify email subject, write a custom message for your notification and add your signature if necessary.
  • Test and activate your Zap — from now on, it will keep your employees always updated about new projects and tasks to focus on.




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