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Today’s digital world brings with it many distractions that seep into the workplace and eat away at employee productivity. Whether you’re a freelancer or a self-employed professional looking to eliminate distractions, or a project manager in search of tools to help you keep your staff operating at maximum efficiency, the necessity of staying on track and ensuring that projects progress on time and under budget is greater than ever.

Thankfully, there are a host of user-friendly apps that accomplish this end, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best productivity-boosting time tracking apps, all of which are compatible with the iPhone operating system. Browse through our article to find the best one for you and watch your team’s productivity soar!

Key features: work scope management, powerful reporting, kanban board

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actiTIME is a productivity-boosting app that combines time tracking, project management software and performance analytics to ensure that organizations operate at the highest efficiency possible. Time tracking functionality provides a simple platform for timesheet submission, review and approval. Time spent on specific projects can be analyzed with actiTIME to see where employees are spending the bulk of their effort.

The tool’s project management features enable managers to delegate tasks to employees and monitor the completion level of each task using the Kanban board. As for actiTIME reports, they let users portray their productivity data in a variety of formats and give precise values of employee productivity and progression. All these features make actiTIME a go-to for any company seeking to optimize their business performance, and the number of tools it can employ can be customized according to an organization’s needs. The good news is that a free version of actiTIME is available for between 1–3 users, and the company offers a free 30-day trial for teams of any size.

Key features: productivity tracking, automatic screenshots, Pomodoro timers

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DeskTime combines employee monitoring, project management and productivity analysis to ensure that all employees remain on task, and also gives managers insight as to what tasks are the most time-consuming. While the tool certainly offers plenty of analysis tools to facilitate project management and payroll services, its primary function is as an employee productivity monitor, with labeled websites, Pomodoro timers and safe-time settings used to help workers stay as efficient as possible.

DeskTime Lite is offered for free with limited functionality (URL tracking, productivity calculation and project time tracking are unavailable), and prices are offered at Pro, Premium and Enterprise levels, with costs decreasing per user as the number of users increases. At the low end, a single user could make use of the Pro, Premium and Enterprise packages for $7 a month, $9 a month, or $14 a month respectively, while companies with 120+ employees are encouraged to contact DeskTime for special pricing.

Key features: desktop timers, multiple app integrations, productivity standards

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Timecamp offers cloud-based performance evaluation via built-in and desktop timers and provides multiple employee monitoring tools. It syncs to multiple other platforms such as Asana, Basecamp, Zendesk and roughly 50 others to enable you to begin time tracking immediately.

Solo, Basic and Pro packages are priced at $0 for a single user, $7/user, and $10/user for monthly plans respectively, while yearly plans are priced at $5.25/user/month for the Basic package and $7.50 per user every month for the Pro package. Discounts are offered for non-profits, universities, and students.

Key features: screenshots, chat monitoring, payment processing

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Best for companies with 20–500 employees, Time Doctor also monitors employee productivity and does so more thoroughly than many performance trackers. The tool takes screenshots and tracks web pages that users are visiting to determine which sites workers use most frequently.

Time Doctor also enables accounting departments to pay employees through the software using PayPal, TransferWise or other payment methods of the user’s choosing. Besides, chat monitoring further ensures that employees are staying on track. All these valuable productivity-boosting and performance monitoring features can be utilized at the cost of $9.99 per user a month.

Key features: estimate tracking, auto-populating timelines, QuickBooks integration

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In the same way that Time Doctor focuses primarily on employee monitoring, Tick is best used for project progress tracking, as it possesses a wide variety of features designed for this purpose. For instance, time entry updates notify the user of how much time is remaining in a project, enabling management to ensure that each task is on pace to be completed in a timely manner. Moreover, recurring projects can be easily monitored with auto-populating timelines, eliminating the need for repetitive schedule generation.

Unlike other apps that charge per user, Tick charges by the number of monthly projects, with a single project being free, and 10, 30, 60, and an unlimited number of projects costing $19, $49, $79, and $149, respectively.

Key features: adjustable timers, color coding for projects, compatibility with Apple Watch

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Hours is best suited for those seeking a simple time tracking productivity enhancer rather than employee monitoring software, with a user-friendly interface that helps freelancers and small teams make the most of their time. The tool includes adjustable timers for monitoring how much time is dedicated to each task. Projects may be color-coated in Hours in order to distinguish between them more easily. Another advantage of the tool is its compatibility with the Apple Watch.

Hours is priced on both a monthly and an annual basis, with monthly subscriptions costing 8$ per month and yearly subscriptions priced at $80 per year.


This list is by no means comprehensive, as the number of productivity and time tracking apps available today are as diverse as a customer’s needs — and that’s the best part. Whether you need advanced performance analytics, billing and accounting software, project monitoring tools, or a simple distraction eliminator, just identify what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to spend, and you’ll be sure to find the app for you.

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