Mobile Attendance System to Make Your Team’s Life Easier

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If you’re like most managers, you spend a lot of time tracking employee attendance. But what if there was an app that could make that process a whole lot easier? Well, there is!

actiPLANS Mobile is a simple absence and attendance tracker that makes it simple and convenient for team leaders to keep tabs on who’s coming to work and when. With this mobile attendance system, you can say goodbye to the days of tracking employee absences by hand. ✍❌

In this post, we’ll see which benefits actiPLANS provides and how to make it work. But first, let’s what mobile attendance systems are and why businesses need them.

What Is a Mobile Attendance System?

A mobile attendance system is a way for businesses to keep track of when their employees are available or absent from work, which is important for making sure that employees are working the exact number of hours they are supposed to be working.

4 Main Types of Mobile Attendance Management Systems

  • Time clock apps 🕐 are the most popular type of mobile attendance system. This is because they are very easy to use. All employees need to do is clock in and clock out when they start and end their shifts. Time clock solutions can also be used to track overtime hours and vacation days.
  • GPS tracking apps 📍 use the GPS on employees’ smartphones to track their location. This information is then used to calculate how long they have been working.
  • Fingerprint scanner apps 🖐 require employees to use their fingerprints to clock in and out of work. Along with facial recognition, it’s an ultimate solution for preventing buddy punching.
  • Self-scheduling systems 📅 offer a number of benefits for both employees and employers. For employees, self-scheduling allows for greater flexibility in their work schedules, providing them with more control over when to work. This can be especially helpful for those with other commitments outside of their career, such as childcare or eldercare. And as for employers, self-scheduling can lead to increased productivity and engagement from employees, as well as better customer service.

Main Benefits of Mobile Attendance Systems

  • Greater time efficiency — Mobile attendance systems help businesses save time and money. This is because they will no longer need to worry about keeping track of employees’ work hours manually, which can be a very time-consuming and resource-intensive task, especially for companies with a large number of employees.
  • Increased productivity — Attendance trackers on mobile devices foster better productivity. They let employees know where their colleagues are so that everyone can be more coordinated. Plus, attendance tracking can help managers find out who is slacking off and who is working hard and then apply the right measures to improve the situation if necessary.
  • Improved communication — Attendance tracking promotes smoother team communication. Team members can see who is available to talk and who is not. This helps them stay on top of their work + avoid delays and miscommunication.
  • Higher accountability — An attendance tracking system makes employees more accountable for their actions. It clearly shows who’s late or works an insufficient amount of time, which encourages punctuality and individual responsibility.

Keeping It Simple with actiPLANS Mobile ✨

Working in the IT field, we naturally prefer attendance tracking that’s a bit more progressive. We dedicate enough attention to attendance problems, of course, but not to the extent of installing retina scanners on every door around the office and checking our folks’ fingerprints at the gate.

Therefore, we decided to create a solution that would combine the necessary attendance management functionality with a more enjoyable yet still secure approach. And that’s basically how actiPLANS — a flexible employee scheduling solution — and its mobile companion came to be.

These days the application is an essential part of our workflow and it’s super easy to use:

Whenever any of us needs to pop out of the office for an hour or a few to pick up kids from school or visit a doctor, we just put a quick note in the mobile attendance app and everyone on the team receives a notification. 🔔

Or let’s take a look at another (very real) example:

We can all agree that putting a meeting together can often be frustrating enough by itself. Everyone’s on a different schedule, everyone has things to do + some of the participants will definitely not be at the office right when you need them, and you’ve got yourself one hell of an organizational nightmare.

With the mobile attendance app we can sidestep this sort of issue pretty easily: just pull up a list of everyone who’s not at their desk at the moment and see when they’ll be coming in. Put simply, if they’re in the office, they have no excuse to skip your VERY IMPORTANT meeting!

In the End, It’s Whatever Works for You

Of course, what works for us won’t necessarily work for every other business. For some, it’s critical to see the exact minute when employees come to work and, thus, they need to apply a robust time clock app or a GPS tracker to meet this goal. 🎯

Yet if you’re like us and you trust employees in leading the attendance tracking process, then actiPLANS Mobile is a perfect solution for you.

Our free mobile attendance app lets users manage absences right in their smartphones and tablets. By combining this simple solution with work scheduling functionality from the main version of actiPLANS, you can enhance resource planning, boost productivity and maintain an excellent work-life balance in the entire team.



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