Organizational Vacation Rules to
Make Your Employees Happy

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Managing vacation leave of your staff can be quite difficult if you don’t already have organizational vacation rules. These rules or policies help you to state how employees should submit their leave applications amongst others. The question is this, “what kind of rules can you put in place to ensure that you achieve a balance?”

By balance we mean that both the organization and the employees are happy at the end of the day. We will be attempting to solve this problem through this post by sharing how to set up favorable vacation rules. Before then, here’s why you need these rules in place.

The Importance of Having Good Organizational Vacation Rules

Most employers don’t really comprehend why they need to have organizational vacation rules in place. Some do have rules but these rules are tilted more towards satisfying the organization at the expense of their employees. Managing vacation leave is important but doing it the right way is even more so.

Here are some benefits of having good organizational vacation rules:

1. Employee evaluation

Setting vacation rules should be a win-win for both the company and the employee. While your employee is having fun and resting, you have ample time to evaluate their work. This is not to say that your employees are unreliable. However, it allows you to try someone else in their position and compare performances.

2. Reduces the margin for errors

Remember the famous phrase, “all work and no play?” Well, it is quite true. Without a vacation, soon your employees will begin to make avoidable errors. Some of these mistakes could cost your company thousands of dollars. However, when your employees go on vacation, they come back refreshed and ready to produce positive results.

3. Boosts team morale

It is not just the employee that goes on vacation that enjoys the benefits, other employees also do. How? They know that you care about their welfare and soon it will be their turn to rest. This gives them something to look forward to including the attached pay. You can bet that the incentive will help them to improve their performance and boost morale.

Tips to Create Organizational Vacation Rules

Managing vacation leave of your employees should be far easier with good organizational rules in place. Here are some tips to help you come with rules that will make your employees happy.

1. Be fair

It is very tricky trying to develop vacation rules. This is because you need to consider if they are fair to the employee as well as the organization. As such, it is important to always find the middle ground.

So when writing your rules, you must ask two questions. What does the employee need during a vacation to return to work better? How does this affect the organization? Your answers to these questions will ensure that you come up with fair policies. You can even ask some of your employees to work with you on developing these policies.

2. Align the policy to your company’s goals

Yes, the rules are meant to make your employees happy. However, if the organization is not achieving its goals, its employees will never attain that happiness. In managing vacation leave of your employees, ensure that your rules align with your company’s goals.

This means that you must take into consideration what the vacation pay will be like. You must also consider how many days off the employee should have. Now, check how this affects the work that is to be done. Ensure that your rules make provision for handling tasks while employees are not available.

3. Set up a rewards system

One way to encourage employee productivity is to link your vacation rules with a rewards scheme. How does this help? It provides your high-performing employees an incentive to do better. While the most common reward is cash, it isn’t the only way to reward your employees.

You can add some extra leave days as well. What is the point here? Understand the value that your reward system presents to the employee. Not every worker wants some extra cash, some of them just need the extra vacation time. You can add both to your policy and ask such employees to choose which they prefer.

4. Make going on vacation easy for your employees

Managing vacation leave transcends seeking compliance to laid down rules. You need to ensure that your employees are happy with these rules and the vacation as a whole. Some workers are scared to go on vacations because they feel that they’ll have heavier workloads upon their return.

You can deal with such fears in your organizational vacation rules handbook. One way to do this is to include coverage guidelines or systems in your rules. State that available staff will cover up for their duties while they are away.

You also have to be careful when doing this so that workers don’t leave work undone before going on vacation. Part of the rules should state what should be done in this case.

To make vacation planning even easier, consider adopting actiPLANS — a smart online tool for absence management. Employees may use it to submit leave requests in just several clicks and review their PTO balances at any moment. As for managers, they will find automatic leave request processing, notifications and comprehensive time off reports extremely helpful as well.

To explore all the benefits of the tool, subscribe for a free 30-day trial today and see how simple vacation management may become.

5. Implement a raffle system

What if you have employees that want to go on vacation at the same time and you cannot afford that? You need a raffle system in place so that you don’t lose all your employees to vacation at the same time. Sometimes, this will also keep you in check by helping workers decide when they prefer to go on vacation.

This system supports fairness to the employees and the company. There’s a lot more flexibility in the system for workers to enjoy. Also, the company will always have sufficient staff on ground to ensure smooth operations.

6. Promote transparency and consistency

Truth be told, in managing vacation leave of your employees, you will not always approve vacation applications. As a result, you must set a system in place to handle such approvals or disapprovals judiciously. You can’t afford to play the favorite card when approving vacation requests.

If your employees will remain productive, all employees must have equal rights. This means that your policies must be transparent and consistent across the board. If there are any grey areas, you’d be creating a bad image for your company.

7. Offer special rewards for employees that work on holidays

One way to make your employees happy is to make use of incentives. An example is providing special rewards for employees that are available to work on holidays. Most workers prefer to take such days off. So, if anyone agrees to work during holidays, you should reward their zest commensurately.

Whatever the case is, always ensure that the reward is in line with what the individual needs. it could be money or some days off at another time of the year. Remember that you must be transparent and consistent with these as well.

8. Encourage fun

As much as possible, let your employees know that they should be having fun during their vacation. They aren’t expected to communicate with the office or check emails except there’s an emergency. Let your workers know that having fun during their vacation is acceptable. If you can, send them off to a nice location as well.


Managing vacation leave will be far easier if you have the right organizational vacation rules in place. We have explained the importance of these rules and given you helpful tips to create yours.




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