Productivity Courses That Help Master Time Management

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We usually rely on our own abilities when working on our productivity. However, sometimes some professional advice is necessary. There are many online productivity courses created by time management and productivity experts that help build new habits and defeat procrastination. Of course the main factor here is your own effort. But time management theory, combined with practical suggestions, will definitely speed up your work on building productivity habits and getting things done. The courses don’t require any prior knowledge, so they fit anyone.

Weekly Time Management Tips

This course is an ongoing series that provide a helpful tip every Monday. Its topics touch such aspects as reducing distractions and interruptions, handling overwhelming tasks, setting priorities, and more. The course helps develop a “productivity mindset”, efficiently collaborate with coworkers, create a comfortable work environment, and eventually get more of your time.

Introduction to Time Management

The course contains basic tips and tricks of time management that can be applied in almost any business area. Its topics cover ways to get organized, prioritize your tasks, and creating an efficient rhythm of the workday. This course also includes time management suggestions that you can adapt to your specific area of activity and try out in different situations at the workplace.

How To Powerfully Get Things Done

The author of this course, Brandon Hakim, read 61 books on productivity and related topics, and developed a system of simple principles to move towards set goals. Instead of “hacks for lazy people”, he offers brief theory in lectures and suggestions on how to optimize your activities. Among practical methods that the author suggests, creating fail-proof plans, learning hidden strategies of successful people, and efficient daily planning should be mentioned.

Become a Speed Demon: Productivity Tricks to Have More Time

Finding time for everything we want to do is not always easy. There’s always something that doesn’t fit into our daily schedule. However, there are methods that help speed up, automate and increase efficiency of daily to-dos. The author of this course has developed techniques that help handle near-superhuman workloads — or just free up some time for things you’d like to do.

Double Your Productivity and Get Important Things Done

The name of the course sounds ambitious, but learners’ reviews seem to prove that the course really helps dramatically increase productivity. It combines theoretical strategies to develop a productive mindset and simple methods for practical implementation. The author also suggests tricks that help build up a productive environment by scheduling work and rest hours, creating rituals, identifying time wasters etc.

30-Day Challenge to a More Productive and Happier You

There’s a connection between productivity and happiness, and this course helps reveal it and use it for boosting your performance at work. It offers time management strategies, techniques for overcoming stress and work overload, relaxation and meditation techniques, and more. The author emphasizes that the course will not only take your productivity to a new level, but also help you create better habits in everyday life and become a happier person.

Productivity 10x — The Complete Guide to Productivity

The course offers a complete system for high-achievers. It includes focusing, scheduling and automation techniques that help get more done in less time, and strategies to beat bad habits, such as procrastination and busywork. The course is useful for those who want to increase productivity, work smart, and have free time for things they love to do.

How to Use SMART Goals: Achieve More in Less Time

A free course on how to create plans that work. It covers structuring goals, setting milestones, developing performance and outcome measures, and ensuring that your goals are SMART — specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound. It also includes free tips for innovation, motivation, and problem-solving. It will be helpful for entrepreneurs, managers, leaders, and anyone who want to master productivity and time management.

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