Stay Tuned With Distraction-Blocking Tools for Writers

Writers are the category that is extremely exposed to all kinds of distractions: when creative work becomes routine, the search for inspiration easily turns into a time-wasting activity. So how can you reclaim your focus while having to write a lot? These distraction-blocking tools for writers help many people stay creative and productive.

1. OmmWriter Dana

The tool offers various visual and audio effects that create the atmosphere for focusing on the work. Seven themes in different colors are available, and you can try them out right at the website. Audio tracks immerse you into an environment where you can hear your inner voice and stay creative throughout the working day.

2. Cold Turkey Writer

Set up goals to achieve — in time spent on writing or in number of words. The progress bar shows you how many words or how much time has left to reach your goal.

The Pro version offers additional productivity-boosting features: soundtracks and themes help you concentrate on your writing. Other Pro settings include such productivity tricks as disabling the delete button, which turns out to be helpful when preparing drafts.

3. Write or Die

If your toughest struggle is the struggle against your laziness and procrastinating habits, you’d probably appreciate the customizable stimulus feature of Write or Die. Write more to avoid annoying sounds, or don’t stop typing in fear of a spider, or whatever scary or disgusting thing of your choice. Rewards are provided too, like seeing a cute puppy after reaching the set goal, or keeping the nice and comfortable environment while you keep typing.

4. Written? Kitten!

5. WriteRoom for MacOS / Darkroom for Windows

This app won’t help you with page formatting: its purpose is “simply get words on the page”. However, those who write a lot would appreciate a full-screen text processor without any distractions that helps focus on the work.

6. FocusWriter

The app allows you to set goals and track your daily achievements. Timers, alarms and live statistics are part of the app’s functionality designed to track your results during the current session.

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