Stay Tuned With Distraction-Blocking Tools for Writers

Writers are the category that is extremely exposed to all kinds of distractions: when creative work becomes routine, the search for inspiration easily turns into a time-wasting activity. So how can you reclaim your focus while having to write a lot? These distraction-blocking tools for writers help many people stay creative and productive.

1. OmmWriter Dana

This program is a distraction-free text processor that creates a meditative work environment where you can concentrate and enjoy single-tasking. OmmWriter is not intended to replace any of the existing text processors, so it doesn’t have many text formatting features — just to keep all possible distractions to the minimum.

2. Cold Turkey Writer

When you ask yourself how to avoid distractions at the workplace, the most appropriate answer would be go cold turkey on them. That’s exactly what the app offers. Its Writer edition basically turns your computer into a typewriter, blocking everything but your text editor until you finish the work.

3. Write or Die

This service turns writing into a multi-user virtual game, with achievements, intensity levels, and leaderboards. The online leaderboard is shown on the developer’s website, but those who don’t want to be shown there can just leave the nickname blank.

4. Written? Kitten!

This is a simple and funny motivating tool. The service shows you a cute kitten, a puppy or a bunny when you reach specified number of words. The image is randomly selected from Flickr pictures tagged with the search term you have chosen. The project is open-source, and the authors welcome any improvements and suggestions from the users.

5. WriteRoom for MacOS / Darkroom for Windows

One of the simplest tools for writers to get all distractions out of the way. The app creates a full-screen environment to help you write better and finish your work faster. The default theme wouldn’t fit all, but you can choose from many other themes and download them on the website.

6. FocusWriter

A special tool for writers that helps maintain your focus and eliminate online and offline distractions. It creates a simple writing interface with customizable visual themes instead of the usual clutter of many windows and browser tabs. Typewriter sound effects are an optional addition to your customized work environment.

Your ultimate guide to productivity and time management

Your ultimate guide to productivity and time management