The 7 Best Free Team Calendars for Small Business Owners

5 min readDec 19, 2020
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Some form of a calendar has been used by civilizations for centuries. But the Gregorian calendar, which is the most widely used in the world today, has a plethora of functions, features, and meanings thanks to modern technology.

Team calendars are an essential part of business these days and we take a look at the best calendars out there for your team.

1. actiPLANS

Our top pick for the best calendars for teams is actiPLANS. It has tons of features to help keep employee leave and absence admin to a minimum. It also integrates with our time tracking app and is available on Android and iOS.

It has automated Paid Time Off calculation (PTO) as well as reporting functions for leave time and balances and a detailed history or absences and vacation time so you can quickly check who has been where, when and how often.

Leave management in actiPLANS — create an unlimited number of leave types, get your team to request and plan their time off and review employee availability

It has a free version for 1–3 users with only slightly limited functionality. Its PTO Balance and User Groups features would not be available but you can still benefit from all its other great features and integrations.

Top Features: Manage leave requests and approvals with no extra emails

Free Version: Yes, with minimal restrictions for 1–3 users.

Free Trial: Yes, for 30 days with full access!

2. Teamup

A great option for a shared calendar app, Teamup provides great usability for teams to share time and resources. You can add and group users; assign colors as visual aids and customize access for different users.

Their free basic plan is for small teams and includes 8 sub-calendars, a year of historical data, and unlimited viewers.

You won’t benefit from features such as file uploading, password protection, or the daily agenda. But you can still get notifications, brand your emails, and have multiple calendar views.

Top Features: A centrally managed calendar.

Free Version: Yes, with very basic functionality.

Free Trial: Yes, for just 3 days with full access.

3. Toggl Plan

For beautifully simple project planning, Toggl Plan claims to have you covered. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes it user friendly for even the least tech-savvy staff members.

You can connect to Trello, Slack, and plenty of other apps. With the free version, you can use their project planner and team calendar for us to 5 users but won’t benefit from any of its other great features like annual view, custom colors, multi-assign tasks, or file uploads.

Top Features: Non profit and education discounts.

Free Version: Yes, with very basic functionality.

Free Trial: Yes, for 14 days with full access.

4. Calendly

For a great calendar scheduling tool, try Calendly out. It enables users to integrate with other calendar apps such as Google Calendar or iCloud, schedule unlimited events, have more than 1 calendar per user, and create team pages to centralize everything everyone might need.

Its free plan limits users to a single calendar each, 1 event type, less integration and support, and fewer options for notification, customization, and workflows.

Top Features: Huge amount of integration with other apps.

Free Version: Yes, with around half the full functionality.

Free Trial: Yes, for 14 days with full access.

5. Google Calendar

Google Calendar for business is part of Google’s entire business offering. It integrates seamlessly with all the other Google apps like Sheets and Docs, but has added features like customer support, data security, unlimited users, and Slides, a presentation app.

If you have less than 10 users, you can use the free version but you won’t get the above benefits, the shared calendar benefits, or the ability to specify who can and can’t access or view things.

Top Features: Data security and support.

Free Version: Yes, with limited users and storage.

Free Trial: Yes, for various services, for 14 days.

6. Keep&Share

The Keep&Share calendar is highly customizable and made for offices, groups and sharing. It has extensive color coding, email and text reminders, and the ability to allow others to see when you’re free and book their own meetings with you. It also has hassle-free collaboration features like To-Do’s, file uploads, discussions and photos.

A free basic plan is available but it has integrated ads, and you won’t have features like team management tools, custom images for events, synchronization with other calendar apps or the customer self booking add-on.

Top Features: Self-book ability for clients and team members.

Free Version: Yes, with around half the full functionality.

Free Trial: Yes, for 15 days with full access.

7. Teamdeck

Our last pick for a shared calendar app is Teamdeck. It has team management features like resource scheduling, time sheets, and leave management features too. It also has the ability to produce reports and comes with a mobile app and great booking features.

Reports are extra detailed, with lots of features like monthly reports, payroll from timesheets, project budgets and rates, organization and leave reports too.

It’s free for up to 2 people, and there are no restrictions! No matter how many people in your team, you always get full functionality and you only pay for the people that use it.

Top Features: Leave management options.

Free Version: Yes, with full functionality for up to 2 users.

Free Trial: Yes, for 7 days with full access.

Team Calendars

A calendar not only tells you what month it is or today’s date, but you can get it to remind you of important events, invite people to meetings, create To-Do lists, and more as we’ve seen.

Now you can choose the best team calendars for your needs, but why not check out our fully functional 30-day free online trial to see how actiPLANS can work for you.

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