The Best (FREE) RescueTime Alternative for All Productivity Lovers!

6 min readMay 11, 2023
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Are you looking for the perfect RescueTime alternative to help you enhance productivity? Look no further! Time Management Assistant is here to provide you with intelligent guidance on how to beat procrastination, stay focused, and take control of your life.

With its fully automated time tracking feature and visual reports, Time Management Assistant is your one-stop shop for being more efficient and organized. Let us show you what makes it the best RescueTime alternative out there, and get ready to become your most productive self. 🙌

What Is Time Management Assistant?

If you’re constantly losing track of time while surfing the internet or struggle to balance your leisure time and work responsibilities, then Time Management Assistant is exactly what you need! This clever browser extension automatically tracks all the time you spend browsing the web and provides a detailed log of your online activities.

The extension is super-easy to use and includes a bunch of handy features that turn the complex task of productivity improvement into a child’s play:

  • Different time tracking modes: You can choose between a totally automated time tracking process that runs silently in the background and a partly-automated timer that starts and stops with just one click.
  • Visual reports: It’s said that an awareness of a problem is the first step toward resolving it. So, y using the reports included in the extension, you can equip yourself with a knowledge of how you use your time online to understand how to fix your behaviors for the better.
  • Project management integration: It’s possible to seamlessly export your time tracking data from Time Management Assistant to actiTIME and then use it to monitor performance progress, keep track of project costs, and bill clients as part of its extensive project management functionality.
  • Flexible configuration: You can tell the extension which websites and activity categories you want it to track and create your own data export rules for greater convenience.

The best part of it all: Time Management Assistant is absolutely free to use! So, is there any valid point not to give it a try?

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What’s Good About RescueTime?

Even though we’re here on the quest to explore the perfect RescueTime alternative, RescueTime itself deserves some credit too. After all, there’s a reason why it’s so popular among people from all walks of life these days, from students and individual productivity hackers to the heads of top-tier organizations.

Here’s what that reason is:

RescueTime offers a perfect combination of time tracking, goal-setting, and website-blocking features that makes it a powerful tool for managing productivity and staying on top of important tasks without getting sidetracked by distractions.

Just like Time Management Assistant, it keeps a precise track of how users spend their time online and provides detailed activity reports that allow for an honest reflection on personal productivity and help to stay accountable for their own behaviors.

On top of that, RescueTime lets you set daily focus goals, giving that extra motivation boost for reaching your desired performance outcome. Plus, it features smart notifications that gently remind you to come back to work after too much idle time or, on the contrary, encourage you to take a well-deserved break in order to avoid burnout.

In the end, RescueTime has many great features that set it apart from the rest of the apps on the market. And indeed, its distraction-blocking and focus-boosting functionality is hard to beat.

However, all this goodness comes at a price. Thus, if you’re looking for a simpler and cheaper productivity-boosting solution, we know one amazing option for you!

The Ultimate RescueTime Alternative That Comes at Zero Cost

So, what makes Time Management Assistant a superior RescueTime alternative?

Well, it’s a beautiful and user-friendly browser extension that stands out from the crowd thanks to its unparalleled simplicity and automation-enabled efficiency. Not only does this free-to-use gem help you save money, but also allows for seamless integration with such project management software as actiTIME, providing an all-encompassing solution for managing your time effectively.

Let’s break down these points one by one:

🟣 Unbeatable simplicity

Unlike RescueTime, Time Management Assistant is all about ease of use. With a streamlined interface that’s free of distractions and unnecessary clutter, it won’t take you long to get familiar with the tool and start tracking your time right away.

Simply sign into the extension with your email or actiTIME account, indicate which websites and tools you want it to track, and get back to work — Time Management Assistant will begin capturing every minute you spent online automatically, giving you a chance to explore your productivity results at any moment by opening one its built-in informative reports.

🟢 Free to use

Time Management Assistant is absolutely free to use! That’s right, no need to swipe your credit card or sell a kidney to afford it.

In a world where every app seems to come with a hefty price tag, Time Management Assistant bucks the trend and offers a valuable tool to help you stay on track without breaking the bank. So why settle for RescueTime’s fees when you can make the switch to a better, wiser, and free-er alternative?

🟠 Suitable for project management

While RescueTime is meant primarily for personal productivity improvement, Time Management Assistant goes beyond that sole purpose. The extension seamlessly integrates with actiTIME, a project management solution that can help you:

  • Monitor your work progress
  • Stay on top of deadlines
  • Manage workloads and resources
  • Keep a record of billable time
  • Track project costs
  • Run comprehensive performance reports

By combining super-accurate time tracking data with project management insights, Time Management Assistant and actiTIME provide a comprehensive solution that can take your productivity to the next level and allows you to achieve better results with greater ease.

actiTIME also offers a free version for small teams of up to 3 users. So, if you’re looking for a time management tool that can do it all at zero cost, give actiTIME a try and integrate it with Time Management Assistant to simplify the time tracking process and make it error-free.


Taking control of your time is essential to any productive workflow. Whether you’re working from home, at school, or running a business, Time Management Assistant remains your #1 go-to choice for optimizing the most important resource — your time.

It’s highly customizable and feature-rich but also intuitive to use. So, get on board today and make the ultimate RescueTime alternative a part of your toolkit in order to take full charge of your productivity goals and achieve great things!




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