The Most Cost-Effective Employee Timesheet Solutions

4 min readNov 23, 2020

Timesheets serve multiple purposes. They help managers to control overtime and calculate payroll. They allow employees to see where their working time goes and analyze productivity. Moreover, they support teams in progress monitoring and let them comply with project schedules and budgets with greater ease.

Overall, you have many reasons to invest in a piece of timesheet software. But you don’t need to spend a fortune to acquire a quality time tracking solution. Read this article to learn about some of the most cost-effective timesheet apps you can find on the market today.

1. actiTIME

actiTIME makes time tracking simple. As a manager, you can go in and review individual timesheets. You have the option to view the time spent on individual tasks and team project. Besides, you can see, approve and deny time off requests and track employee absences easily.

actiTIME offers some more extra features as well. For instance, you can customize workflows, plan workloads, assign tasks to individual employees or groups, and track estimates. You can also receive detailed reports of employee activity, making it simple to evaluate performance and identify any time wasters.

2. Jibble

Efficient time tracking apps are useful in every industry, and Jibble caters to pretty much any of them, including construction, retail, manufacturing, and hospitality. Major players including Accenture and Pepsi love to utilize the product, and there are good reasons for that. Jibble provides a free app with the ability to add an unlimited number of users.

It tracks staff attendance, payroll, and projects. Plus, it removes the need for punching the clock physically. Jibble’s timestamps, facial recognition, and geolocation features create an honest and accurate time tracking solution. Besides, the app calculates overtime and generates timesheets and reports in a streamlined way.

3. OnTheClock

OnTheClock ensures simple, accurate, and compliant time tracking for small to medium-sized businesses. Employees can clock in from their phones, computers, or using fingerprint recognition. You can also make great use of geolocation in association with timesheets; you have the ability to see where employees punched in and out. If desired, you can set up a geofence so they can only clock in/out when physically at work.

Another great feature of this program is the employee-specific mobile app. This allows employees to see their own timesheet, review PTO, and check who is currently on the clock. There are some other tools in this app that management can make available to employees if needed.

4. BigTime

This app is designed for consulting, legal, and STEM industries because billble hour tracking is particularly essential to firms operating there. BigTime provides time and expense tracking all in one place. Employees can easily log their working hours, while managers can monitor how teams are allocated and adjust accordingly.

The tool also helps to streamline internal processes. These include project management, budgeting, and invoicing. Moreover, BigTime can be integrated with the programs you already use, including Google Suite, Salesforce, and QuickBooks.

5. Project Hours

Project Hours supports the English and Dutch languages and provides simple timesheet solutions that integrate with Excel and Google Suite. The app is very simple to use and allows you to manage project hours and hourly rates. You can easily go back and view project overviews.

Project Hours really stands out due to its affordability. At under $3 per month, it provides a high-quality but low-cost employee timesheet solution for your business.

6. Hourly

If you really want to take your business to the next level, check out Hourly. It provides time tracking and analysis with some pretty cool features. Not only does it log incoming data including time and expenses but also processes this information and looks for patterns. This functionality creates extremely useful outputs you can apply to inform decision making.

In addition, Hourly utilizes historical data, upcoming events and holidays to predict future time usage. The system also detects incomplete timesheets and alerts employees. Overall, Hourly provides insightful reports and invoices to help you keep your business at the top of its game.

7. FunctionFox

FunctionFox aims to reduce administrative time for creative professionals. This way, you can focus on what really matters. This app keeps projects on target and on scope, with easy-to-understand data and comparisons to initial estimates. There are 3 levels of membership, depending on your budget and business needs.

The classic level includes timesheet solutions, with unlimited clients and projects. It also allows you to track budgets, and produce comprehensive reports. The premier level includes the classic features, while also creating actionable to-do lists. Premier features more in-depth reporting, to include charts/schedules, and availability/traffic reports. The top tier, known as the in-house level, includes all the above. This level also provides custom job intake forms, email alerts for new requests, and more advanced reporting features.

Keep Your Business on Track with a Timesheet App

These days, some employees are working from the office. Others are working from home. Many more are traveling on business or working from a co-working space. With all these moving parts, it can be difficult to accurately keep track of employee timesheets. But there is an efficient software solution for a company of any size and budget.

Try out a free trial today, to see if actiTIME works perfectly for your business!




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