The New Project Team Members –
What Do You Bring to the Table?

  • More than is necessary. Is the resource overkill for what you need? You don’t want to go that route either as you may be bringing on a more expensive resource than is necessary. No need to bring on a shotgun when you just need a BB gun to scare away the issue. You may increase your burn rate on the remaining financial resources on the project causing serious budgetary concerns.
  • A stretch that will not comfort the customer. Will this person look like the right fight to the project client? This is a bit of an overlap of the first two considerations, but let’s looks at it entirely from the customer’s viewpoint. When they are introduced to this person and begin to interact with the resource, will they still think you are managing the project and the issue at hand well or will they have delivery concerns?
  • Abrasive personalities. Finally, will the new project resource be a good team fit? Sometimes you get what you get. And sometimes you can’t be too picky…you need the coverage now and you may just have to roll up your project management sleeves and make the round peg fit into the square hole. But if you have the opportunity to make the call, make a resource acceptance decision in the best interest of your project team and client. An abrasive resource may make matters worse. Be careful.


What are you looking for? That’s sort of the bottom line here. Are you looking for the best tech skills? Are you looking for just one skill? Are you looking for a leader? A follower? Obviously a good personality fit is a nice consideration as well. Different skill sets and different availabilities will probably cost the project different amounts of money and will probably require less or more project management time from you. It’s not just about acquiring a warm body to fill a team spot.



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