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Cloud solutions for time tracking are really popular today, but still there are users who prefer desktop software. Some consider it secure to keep all the time tracking and billing data on the local computer. Others just want the browser apps for automatic time tracking in the background.

So, we made a list of time tracking software for Mac that will help you monitor your productivity and collect accurate data to bill your clients.

1. actiTIME

Key features: Time tracking, Productivity reports, Project and task planning, Billing and payroll

actiTIME is a high-quality piece of timesheet and work management software for both small and large teams alike. The tool can be accessed from any device and operating system, which means that Mac OS X users can easily implement it to boost productivity and performance efficiency as well.

The web version of the tool supports only the manual time tracking mode. However, you may also download the Chrome extension and track hours with an automatic timer to avoid distractions and maximize data entry accuracy.

2. Timing

Key features: Automatic time tracking, Reports and charts, Billing

This app monitors how you use your Mac and categorizes all detected activities. In this way, you get an informative report on your time expenses. The app also supports manual time entry and keeps track of when you are most productive. Colorful charts show when and how you spent your time throughout the day. Timing also provides special reports for calculation of billable amounts directly in the app.

Timing works in the background, so it is unobtrusive and allows you to focus on your work, not on tracking time. And it provides you with detailed data on your time expenses to improve your productivity in the future.

3. On The Job

Key features: Time tracking, Data organization, Client profile management, Billing in multiple currencies

Another app that can be installed on Mac OS X, On The Job counts time expenses with a timer. Automatic idle time detector helps calculate time intervals when no activity is performed on the computer and shows it when you return — with an option to subtract idle time from the total value.

For client billing, the app provides multiple currencies and custom hourly rates. Once the billable amount is created, you can issue an invoice directly in the app. Customize your invoices as you need by adding graphical elements and editing texts.

4. Tyme

Key features: Time tracking, Cost tracking, Reporting, Billing

Tyme is a simple and clear app for Mac OS, iPhone and iPad, synchronizing data between devices. Thus, it allows for time tracking from any Apple device and supports many different time tracking modes, including the automatic ones. Besides, it assists in cost and mileage monitoring and generates insightful time use statistics reviews. It enables users to sort projects and tasks by their specific parameters to eliminate chaos from their work.

Tyme also keeps track of already billed periods to prevent you from accidental double billing. In addition, the app forecasts future workloads based on the collected data.

5. Billings Pro

Key features: Time tracking, Reports, Billing and invoicing

One more app for Mac takes the pain out of keeping track of work time and billing clients. The app allows to capture work hours and minutes with a timer, prepare cost estimates for customers and issue invoices based on the recorded work time. It works on Mac and iOS devices and allows you to track time and create invoices directly from your phone or tablet on the go.

The tool also features simple reports that provide managers and regular employees with insights into how time has been spent on various tasks and projects. As the app is focused on billing and invoicing, it also provides information on amounts billable to customers for time spent on their work assignments.

6. timeEdition

Key features: Time tracking, Task planning, Billing

This app is a time tracker for Mac, iOS and Android is focused on the ease of use and accuracy of records. For accurate timekeeping, a timer is used that counts time spent on various tasks. Later, you can manually edit or adjust entries. Use color coding to differentiate tasks between clients, set up deadline reminders and make notes to your records.

timeEdition apps are synced via Dropbox so that you have all collected data at hand on all your devices. The app also supports data export to Excel and allows synchronization with iCal and Google Calendar.

7. HR

Key features: Time tracking, Simple project organization, Data export

HR timer is a minimalistic app that counts your work time. It runs in the background and opens when you need it from the menu bar. The app records time with a timer (it is possible to start several timers simultaneously) that can be automatically paused when detecting idle time or after a specified period of time — according to the Pomodoro technique.

The tool allows you to categorize your projects to keep your project list organized. You can export your data from the app into CSV format by a task or by category for further usage and analysis.

8. Caato

Key features: Automatic time tracking, Simple task management, Billing

The tool is designed specifically for Mac OS and is meant to release users from manual time tracking chores: it provides an easy way to break down your projects by tasks and track time against them with a timer. Entries can be later edited, and new entries for future can be added.

Caato allows to track billable time down to a second and get totals for necessary projects or date ranges. Excel and CSV export is available too. The tool is really helpful both for freelancers who need to calculate billable time and office employees who track their personal time to measure their productivity.

9. Time Sink

Key features: Automatic time tracking, Productivity trends analysis

Time Sink is a time tracker and organizer for Mac OS X that helps you understand where the time goes. The app automatically records the time you spend in applications and windows on your Mac. You don’t need to enter anything manually. If a non-Mac activity needs to be tracked, you can start a separate timer, unrelated to an application on your computer.

The tool allows you to get an overview of time expenses for related activities. With the Pool feature, you can keep track of how long you have been working on a specific project — or learn how much time you spent on all types of distracting activities. A Pool is just a collection of related windows, created by dragging and dropping them to the app’s Pools section. This feature proves to be helpful for productivity analysis.

10. Timelime

Key features: Time tracking, Task planning, Data management

Timelime is a personal time tracking app available for both Mac OS X and iOS. You can use it on your desktop and on your phone to record your time expenses from anywhere — the data is synchronized in iCloud or Dropbox.

The tool offers many helpful features, such as undo/ redo, notes to tasks and timings, data import and export, backups and more. Timelime is a robust tool for everyone who needs to monitor their daily activities: freelancers, independent contractors, students, office employees and anyone who wishes to visualize their time expenses and increase productivity.




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