Top 5 Affordable Harvest Alternatives for Time Tracking

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Created in 2006 for internal use at a small New York-based web design studio, Harvest has quickly become one of the leading competitors in the time tracking industry for many good reasons. Users praise it for decent time tracking functionality, insightful performance reports, robust invoicing features and many helpful integrations. Thanks to them and an intuitive interface, Harvest produces immense business value by enabling your team to manage revenues and utilize time in a better way.

Harvest has a big downside though — the price. If you run more than two projects and collaborate with at least one person in your account, you have to pay from $10.80 to $12 per user a month. So, if you work in a large company, your final subscription price is likely far from insignificant. But even if you’re a bit constrained in resources and want to find a cheaper substitute for this quality piece of software, it doesn’t mean your time tracking experience should be worse. Below you will find a list of five fantastic alternatives to Harvest that come at a much lower price!

1. actiTIME

actiTIME is a multi-featured and user-friendly time tracker that can be applied for a variety of purposes. For starters, manual timesheets and the automatic timer will keep you informed of project progress, while the visual estimate tracker, automated notifications and informative charts will help you make sure everything is going according to the plan.

Online timesheet interface in actiTIME where every user can select task parameters
they want to see in their timesheets

By running versatile insightful reports, you can analyze team productivity, inspect project costs and keep an eye on revenues for any period of choice.

Reports dashboard in actiTIME — set up real-time data widgets
and add report shortcuts for quick access

And to streamline your accounting works, actiTIME will generate error-free invoices in merely several clicks and transfer your time tracking data to QuickBooks through the in-built integrator in a matter of seconds.

Using actiTIME, it’s also possible to track working hours right from your Jira, GitLab and GitHub accounts. And if you wish, you can sync it with nearly any other app through Zapier or the Application Programming Interface (API) to boost workflow efficiency and avoid duplicate data entry.

All these features make actiTIME just as handy for users as Harvest, while its neat leave management functionality adds even greater value! Moreover, actiTIME is almost two times cheaper than its famous competitor — depending on the size of your team, it will cost you from $5 to $7 per user a month. Especially large companies may enjoy an even lower price.

2. Jibble

Jibble is a straightforward piece of software for team management and project collaboration. Just like Harvest, it combines automatic time tracking with client billing and performance reporting. Jibble can also be integrated with Slack. And above all that, it contains the clock-in and clock-out features with facial recognition and GPS tracking, which makes it a perfect tool for attendance monitoring and payroll management.

As for the price, the basic Jibble version can be utilized for free by teams of any size. However, if you need to track time against specific work activities, export your reports to Excel or CSV and get unlimited historical data, this software will cost you from €1.50 to €2 per user a month for the Premium plan or €3–4 per user a month for the Ultimate plan — much cheaper than Harvest!

3. TrackingTime

TrackingTime is a simple project collaboration app with functionality for automatic time tracking, payroll management and invoicing. Using it, you can keep a record of both billable and non-billable time, set up estimates for different tasks and create customized data reports to analyze how profitable your projects are. TrackingTime also supports multiple integration options and has its own Slack bot. Thus, it can help you optimize your work processes just as effectively as Harvest.

The free version of the app can be utilized by teams of up to three members and only for three projects. It contains basic task tracking functionality and excludes advanced reports. As for TrackingTime Pro, it includes all the features this software has to offer, and it costs only $5–7 per user a month.

4. My Hours

My Hours offers many great features to facilitate each stage in the project management cycle. With its help, you can organize tasks and assign them to your team members, estimate projects and develop budgets. You can track how well your team complies with the set estimates and keep a record of all the incurred expenses. Then, you can run detailed productivity reports and billing summaries or send auto-generated invoices to your clients.

Similarly to Harvest, My Hours can be synced with QuickBooks through an in-built integrator that allows for the automatic export of time tracking data and streamlines invoicing this way. And the best part, My Hours Pro will cost you merely $6–7 per user a month. The free version is available too, yet it doesn’t include invoicing functionality.

5. TMetric

TMetric’s features are very similar to those that Harvest has. It allows for automatic time tracking, accurate invoicing, robust budget management and in-depth data analysis thanks to detailed performance reports. It can be accessed through a variety of devices and synced with a plethora of your favorite apps. But in addition to that, TMetric offers something that Harvest doesn’t: offline time tracking, online activity monitoring, screenshot capturing and time off management.

As for the price, you can choose among the three TMetric plans: Free, Professional and Business. The free version can be applied for an unlimited number of projects by a group of up to five users. The Professional plan with advanced time tracking and invoicing functionality will cost you just $5 per user a month. And the full-featured Business plan with payroll, paid time off tracking and the access to in-built app integrations will cost you $7 per user a month.

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