Top-9 Employee Scheduling Software
for Efficient Workforce Management

For both shift work and regular office hours, scheduling, leave management and attendance tracking are important tasks. Some still prefer using tools like Excel, Word or just paper and pen, some have employees scheduling software modules integrated in their HR and payroll systems. However, there are better ways to keep track of each employee’s attendance and absences. Here’s our selection of scheduling tools for different areas of application.

1. actiPLANS

For those who often work away from the desk, actiPLANS has a native mobile app. It shows who is absent today and on any of the future days and allows to inform colleagues when you’re running late or leaving early.

2. Hot Schedules

3. Humanity

4. Snap Schedule

5. Sling

6. Calamari

As for the clock-in and –out module, it helps track team members’ tardiness and attendance. Calamari supports several clock-in methods: iBeacons, native mobile app, QR codes, etc. The tool notifies managers about tardiness and unexpected absences.

7. Ximble Schedule Maker

Ximble Schedule Maker helps managers understand their employees’ availability for future workloads and sort them by job roles, if team’s capacity for specific work type needs to be checked.

8. Shiftboard

The tool includes a startup procedure for new employees that simplifies the onboarding process and ensures that all employees have taken necessary startup and training steps. For hiring managers, it also streamlines candidate data collection and organizes the entire hiring process.

9. Homebase

As the developer emphasizes, using spreadsheets for leave management costs more than you expect. Up to 14000 minutes a year are spent on requesting leaves and getting them approved in a team of 200 employees, and this is the amount of time that can be used more efficiently with a special leave management tool.



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