Top Affordable Software for Small Business

When you’re running a small business, it seems like invoices and bills are always piling up. How can your business make a profit with so many outgoing costs? Running your own business is tough, so look for ways to save money wherever you can — such as with your software. By selecting affordable small business software, you can help save your company money.

You’ll also make life easier for your staff, giving them the tools needed to collaborate and work effectively. Your business needs tools for time tracking, invoicing, project management, and marketing, ensuring you stay competitive and grow over time. If you’re wondering which affordable business software is best for your small business, keep reading to find some of the best tools that won’t break the budget.

1. Time Tracking: actiTIME

Management can use actiTIME to review and approve each staff member’s timesheet. Or, use it to calculate overtime through the software, taking the headache out of weekly payroll. actiTIME is also packed with useful accounting features, reporting options to review performance, spending, and income, and managing team leave and sick days. It’s an easy to use and effective tool that any small business can benefit from.

2. Business Management: Odoo

The Odoo apps easily integrate with each other, so it’s a great all-round option for business management.

3. Scheduling: Bookmemate

Bookmemate has a simple interface that gives an instant overview of your company’s schedule. It can also track inventory and integrate with your POS system.

4. Accounting: Wave

Use Wave to send invoices, manage cash flow, easily track your profits and loss, and make life easier once tax time rolls around. Wave makes bookkeeping a breeze and can be customized to meet the needs of your business.

5. Project Management: Frank

Frank also offers tools to help with HR, marketing, and accounting, but it really shines when it comes to project management.

6. Email Marketing: Mailchimp

To manage your email marketing campaigns, check out Mailchimp. It’s an affordable business software for your marketing needs, offering both free and reasonable paid plans for customers. Managing email lists on your own is hard work, so leave it to Mailchimp.

With Mailchimp, your small business can automatically send visually appealing emails and marketing collateral to everyone on your subscriber list, track open rates, and design email marketing campaigns. Mailchimp can provide insight that helps you better understand your audience, grow your subscriber list, and they also provide effective support. They’re a top choice for your digital marketing needs.

7. Internal Communications: Slack

Slack lets you create channels, so create one for each team to use for daily chats, asking questions, or quick communications. Slack also lets you send private messages for conversations you don’t want in the public chat. Plus, important announcements can be pinned to the top of each channel, making them easy for staff to find.

We like that Slack is simple, intuitive, and helps remote workers feel connected to one another.

8. Database: Knack

Their plans are more affordable than you’d think for such a bespoke service, with all plans offering unlimited users and a generous amount of database records.

9. Website Building: Weebly

Manage and update your website over time, and you can expand your sire as your business grows. Weebly can help with SEO, marketing, and stock photos as well.


To learn more about small business solutions, such as actiTIME, please get in touch. We are glad to answer any questions about the software. Plus, we’d like to offer your business a full 30-day online trial, allowing you to try out all the features for a month.

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