Top-Rated Construction Management Software

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As a construction professional, you have a lot to manage. The right technology, however, can make your job — and your life — easier.

Construction management software can help to improve your decision-making. For example, you may need to track employee time or solicit better estimates. Either way, construction management software can help you do more — and do it better.

Ultimately, technology can help you organize your projects, win more contracts, and boost your profits. To learn more about the top-rated construction management software, keep reading.

1. actiTIME

actiTIME is a robust project management tool that offers many features. For example, you can use it to automate the scope of your entire project.

You can also use the platform to assign work to team members. With actiTIME, you can easily record work hours and keep everything on time — and within budget. You can also use it to issue invoices as well as oversee accounting and accounts payable.

The platform will help you to keep track of your team’s work and your resources. You can even share ideas more effectively with visual Kaban boards. It will also enable you to take advantage of insightful data.

2. ConstructionOnline

The ConstructionOnline platform will help you and your crew complete projects faster. It will also help you to work more intelligently.

The application can help you to see the link between workers, contractors, and clients. It helps you to maintain accurate estimating, change orders, and materials selection. With this information, you to stay current on ongoing projects.

3. HeavyJob

HeavyJob is a software platform that enables you to automate field entry. It assumes the bulk of manual data entry that’s typically handled by the field foreman.

You can also use it to make faster data-driven decisions and improve team productivity. The program also allows you to make sure that jobs remain profitable. With the program, you can also improve the workflow between various departments, such as accounting, estimating, safety, and the field.


The PASKR platform enables you to automate, standardize, and focus your construction firm. For example, it can help you to streamline communications with clients and other stakeholders.

The program also helps you to save time and reduce errors by eliminating unnecessary manual duplicate data entry. It can also help you stay on top of important metrics in real-time, such as projected and actual costs.

5. Snappii

Snappii allows you to customize apps for your construction firm as needed. This software is unique in that it offers an app building platform.

Using the platform, you can pick and choose an array of industry-specific mobile construction apps to support your enterprise. For example, you can keep track of work lists, the status of construction sites, weather conditions, and other important project information.

6. eSUB

With eSUB, you can access comprehensive data on the go. The software can help you to increase accountability and productivity across your construction firm.

It allows you to track deadlines, correspondence, deliverables, and important documentation easily. Also, it will help you standardize operations and stay informed about ongoing projects in real-time.

7. Raken

Raken construction software features an easy to use interface. The straightforward interface increases the likelihood that field operatives will make use of the program.

You can use the software to access project data in real-time and reduce project-related risks. You can also use it to complete daily reports, take notes, and attach photos while you’re in the field.

8. Contractor Foreman

The Contractor Foreman platform makes project management work fast and straightforward. The intuitive interface makes using the software a breeze for both experts and beginners.

The program includes a feature-packed dashboard that allows you to make decisions quickly. You can also use it to import approved change orders right into invoices.

9. Procore

Procore construction software helps you to manage construction projects, assets, and accounting. You can use it to oversee complex projects via a simplified dashboard.

Furthermore, you can customize the application to measure workflow. With this program, you can maintain full visibility over entire projects in one convenient location.


You can use COINS construction software to manage the entire project lifecycle. It can help you to control costs, promote best practices, and increase project compliance.

The program can also help you to increase efficiency while reducing workflow redundancies. With it, you can produce comprehensive reports faster. You can also improve your performance.

Start Managing Projects Better Today!

Now that you know more about construction management software, you’re ready to start turning your firm into a technology-fueled powerhouse.

actiTIME is a robust construction management software program that can help you keep track of your project workflow and assets. For example, you can use our platform to track time manually or use an automated timer.

With actiTIME, you can create a more optimized and streamlined workflow. What’s more, you can enjoy effortless collaboration.

Start taking advantage of technology today. Claim your free trial of actiTIME and get started working smarter, faster, and more efficiently.




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