Tracking GitLab Time in actiTIME

GitLab is a DevOps platform for collaborative software development. It is a web-based Git repository with an unlimited number of open and private repositories, issue-following capabilities, and wikis. It allows developers to follow the software development life cycle from project planning to monitoring and security. GitLab also provides a bug tracking system where you can create tasks, leave comments and close them. All this functionality is available from the web interface with a few limitations.

Starting at version 8.14, GitLab provides limited time tracking capabilities that allow you to define estimates and record time against issues and merge requests. But if you need a more solid time management solution integrated with GitLab and working outside the GitLab environment, actiTIME might be a good fit. Let’s see how you can benefit from actiTIME integration with GitLab.

How to Integrate actiTIME with GitLab

actiTIME Integration with GitLab

After that, you will be able to start a timer with actiTIME browser extension directly from the issue list or the specific issue or pull request you’re currently working on. You can pause the timer anytime and stop it when you are done.

To select a task to track time against, you may enjoy a smart suggestion feature that gives you a list of previously created tasks to save your captured time to. You can also pick a task from recent tasks, enter a task name manually or create a new task right from the extension interface.

Free actiTIME browser timer extension

In case you forgot to pause the timer when you were away from the computer, you may edit your captured hours manually.

actiTIME Integration with GitLab via Zapier

Connect actiTIME and GitLab in Zapier

What Else actiTIME Can Do

Timesheet Time Tracking

Define Estimates, Deadlines & Monitor Your Progress

Configure Workflow & Monitor Project Progress in a Kanban Board

Review Performance

Ready to Upgrade Your GitLab Time Tracking?

You can also consider actiTIME outside GitLab for project management, attendance and even leave management. Learn more about actiTIME features or book a product demo to learn if this time tracking solution is a good fit for your needs.

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