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4 min readMar 17, 2021
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Trello is one of the most popular task management apps existing today. Its most prominent features are Kanban-style boards, lists and cards where team members can share any information and communicate via comments. Thanks to them, Trello fosters:

  • Effective team collaboration,
  • Effortless work planning and organization,
  • Trouble-free task prioritizing,
  • And faultless progress monitoring.

The only thing that Trello is missing at the moment is time tracking functionality that would allow users to keep a record of hours they spend on different cards or boards and then generate detailed reports to analyze their productivity.

But a way around this massive gap does exist — you can sync the app with almost any piece of software you know to extend its functionality and make your life much easier. And this article explains how to integrate Trello with actiTIME, a simple-to-use yet powerful time tracker with a plethora of efficiency-boosting features.

Online timesheet interface in actiTIME where every user can select task parameters
they want to see in their timesheets

But before jumping on the matter, let’s explore some major benefits of tracking time in Trello with actiTIME.

Trello Time Tracking: Key Benefits

Time tracking produces a range of huge benefits for every team and business, including:

  • Higher profitability | By keeping a record of hours invested in tasks, you can see where your money goes, monitor budget compliance and eliminate those activities that incur too many costs and bring small revenues.
  • Accurate payroll and invoicing | Billable time tracking ensures you’re paid by your clients correctly. Plus, employees’ completed timesheets provide information for wage calculation and help to prevent errors in the accrual process.
  • Superior project management results | Time trackers let you stay in the know of current work progress and stick to project estimates and deadlines with ease. This decreases the risk of schedule and cost overruns and promotes performance quality.
  • Increased productivity | By analyzing resource allocation across your team members and project tasks, you can identify any bottlenecks and time-wasters and then undertake appropriate measures to increase efficiency and outputs.

actiTIME lets users gain all these benefits in a simple way. Plus, by integrating it with Trello, you may streamline your workflows and make the management process more convenient.

actiTIME-Trello integration enables you to create actiTIME projects and Trello boards in a synchronized fashion. It means when you create an item in one app, a corresponding item is automatically added to the other, which helps to avoid a lot of duplicate work.

All you need to do to enjoy Trello time tracking is set up actiTIME integration, create a board or card in your Trello account and then open your actiTIME timesheet to keep a record of working hours right away.

Note that with actiTIME, you can track time either manually or automatically by using the Chrome extension. Afterwards, when enough data is collected, you have a chance to run various comprehensive reports to evaluate your productivity, review project costs and generate accurate invoices.

An actiTIME chart displaying the total of working hours tracked by your team

How to Integrate Trello with actiTIME

To sync Trello and actiTIME, use Zapier — a one-way workflow automation platform that allows users to integrate almost any software tools without a single bit of coding:

  1. Sign in your actiTIME, Trello and Zapier accounts or create them if you still don’t have
  2. Follow this link to commence the integration process
  3. Type “Trello” in Zapier’s search field and click on the app’s logo to explore the possible ways to connect it with actiTIME
  4. Decide what you want to automate: select a trigger, an event that starts data synchronization (e.g., New Card in Trello), and an action, an event that will be provoked by that trigger, (e.g., Create Task in actiTIME)
  5. Hit Connect actiTIME + Trello
  6. Link your actiTIME and Trello accounts to Zapier and set up preferable rules for the chosen trigger and action
  7. Run a test for the created Zap — if everything goes right, it will be added to your Zaps dashboard, and there, you can switch it off or on in a matter of seconds

In Conclusion

With its user-friendly interface and valuable features, Trello is a perfect helper in task management. actiTIME integration makes this instrument even more useful by expanding its functionality and providing you with extra data on your day-to-day work and projects.

Tracking time spent on Trello boards and cards in actiTIME, you will be able to analyze your productivity in depth, increase profitability and improve project outcomes.

Sign up for a free trial today to streamline your task management workflows and avail yourself of all the benefits that time tracking is here to offer.




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