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There is a variety of methods for how construction workers can track their time. The best option for your particular case depends on the complexity of your company, the employees you are going to track, the company regulations concerning schedules, payrolls and absences. If you are looking to expand in the nearest future, you need flexible time tracking software for construction crews like actiTIME that would cover not just your time-management needs, but also most of your accounting routines.

This article is going to give you a detailed insight into how your construction company can benefit from actiTIME and which features you might enjoy.

Free Mobile Stopwatch & Timesheet App

actiTIME Mobile allows you to report time and add comments for open tasks assigned to you using the stopwatch or manual time logs. It offers a straightforward interface and simple design that are easy to use on the site. actiTIME Mobile works even if you went offline. All your data will be synched when your Internet connection will be restored.

Your construction crews can start their timers or use a single timer for the whole crew when they arrive on the site and hit stop whenever they finish. They can also write comments to take notes of the used equipment. All this data will be safely stored and synched with your corporate account. In actiTIME browser interface use this data to calculate payrolls, compare estimated time against the logs, review crew productivity, issue bills and invoices.

Intuitive Interface

Speaking of actiTIME Online, we can’t help but notice that the software interface is pretty simple and easy-to-navigate. If you or your staff still find it overloaded and you need fewer options available, you can turn off the unwanted features in the settings.

If you turn off unnecessary features, your feature-related data is still safely stored. When you restore these features, you’ll regain access to your data.

Billable & Non-Billable Work

In actiTIME, you can track billable and non-billable hours, calculate billable amounts and compare them to project costs. All you need is to create Types of Work, where you can specify the name, billable or non-billable status and hourly billing rates for billable types of work.

After that, you need to assign each task its type of work and start recording time against it.

After your construction workers track their time, you’ll be able to use billable and non-billable hours to pull reports and create invoices.

Job Costing

To better manage budgeting and overhead costs, construction companies need to keep track of how much time and money they spend on labor. If you define hourly rates of your employees in actiTIME, you can calculate project costs in a few clicks. Use them to prepare payroll and understand project profitability.

Billing, Invoicing & Payroll Calculations

Use QuickBooks integration — one of the most popular accounting systems for small businesses — to import your timesheet data and use it to create invoices, calculate taxes and payrolls.


If you have multiple job sites and more than 3 employees who you pay by the hour, you should consider a time tracking solution. After you set up clients and projects, choose billable and non-billable tasks, define hourly rates and ask your construction crews to track their work hours, you’ll get most of your management and accounting routines automated. Use this data to back up your invoices, create payrolls and track the productivity of your construction workers.

“actiTIME is very robust, integrated well into your business process, and most importantly, helps you focus on your business instead of monkeying around with technology. actiTIME has reduced our payroll processing from 4–6 hours per week to 45 minutes per week.” — Stanley Construction

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